Friday, April 19, 2024

Cuomo Rails on Rep. Stefanik After She Asks if NY Summer Camps Will Open

‘You know how much they gave New York state to do any of the things we’re talking about? Zero. Zilch, nada…’

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Elise Stefanik/IMAGE: CBS News via YouTube

(Claire Russel, Liberty Headlines) New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo should practice what he preaches and stop lecturing others about being political, said Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y.

Stefanik, a rising GOP star, hit back at the Democratic governor after he attacked her during a press conference on Thursday.

“For someone who lectures every day about not being political, Governor Cuomo needs to take his own advice,” she said in a statement. “… [I]nstead of politically attacking me during his press conference, he should issue public health guidance for summer camps.”

The freshman congresswoman had sent his office a letter asking for guidance on how and when the state’s summer camps could reopen since New York is now transitioning towards its reopening process.

Cuomo never responded to the letter, Stefanik said. But he did go on a public rant against her when asked about it.

“What you can say to Elise Stefanik and all of our great Washington representatives,”  Cuomo replied.

“… [W]e could provide rental assistance for people who can’t pay rent,” he continued. “We could provide child care for essential workers now. You know what it takes? Money. Funding. Money.”

He then proceeded to complain that recent economic stimulus bills from Congress had not provided any extra funding directly to the state for covering its liberal social programs and other left-wing priorities.

“They passed a bill,” Cuomo said. “You know how much they gave New York state to do any of the things we’re talking about? Zero. Zilch, nada.”

President Donald Trump has said that any states wishing to receive bailout funds must first reconsider things like their “sanctuary” policies, which reroute tax dollars to supporting illegal immigration.

Cuomo continued to rail that if Stefanik wants the summer camps to reopen, she should be asked, “Oh, are you providing any funding to do that?”

Stefanik responded by pointing out that Congress has already provided New York with more than $7.5 billion in aid, “and we’re working to advocate for more—not only for state-related COVID-19 costs, but also for counties and localities,” she said, according to WRGB.

Stefanik had requested information about when summer camps can reopen because they “are an important part of the visitors experience and the regional economy,” according to state Assemblyman Dan Stec.

Camps, just like any other business, are struggling and need to know how to proceed moving forward, Stefanik explained in her letter to Cuomo.

“This letter was signed not just by me, but by state, county and local elected officials who are working closely with our county public health offices and North Country hospitals to address the path forward for summer camps,” she said in her follow-up statement.

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