Sunday, March 26, 2023
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Soros-Backed PAC Meddling in DC-Area Prosecutor Races

‘I would say that out-of-state money that wants to control the outcome of a local election is disturbing…’

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George Soros/photo by Niccolò Caranti (CC)

(Ben Sellers, Liberty Headlines) Two progressive county prosecutors defending their seats in the exurbs of Washington, D.C., have found themselves the unwitting victims of a George Soros-driven dark-money campaign to replace them with even more radical left-wing law-enforcers.

The Soros-backed Virginia Justice and Public Safety PAC gave substantial contributions to primary challengers in the commonwealth’s attorney races in Northern Virginia’s Arlington and Fairfax counties, reported The Washington Post.

In Arlington, candidate Parisa Tafti received $139,000 from the PAC; in Fairfax, candidate Steve Descano received $146,000.

The in-kind contributions—used for polling, mailings and other campaign services—well eclipsed the total amounts raised by the current incumbents, said the Post.

Commonwealth’s attorneys Theo Stamos and Raymond F. Morrogh denounced their primary opponents for taking money from a political interest outside Virginia.

“I would say that out-of-state money that wants to control the outcome of a local election is disturbing,” Stamos told the Post.

“This is a community that values local civic engagement and local experience. No amount of special interest money will make up for those deficiencies.”

As the increasingly extremist Democratic Party pushes fringe positions on everything from open-borders to gerrymandering and Census counts to felon voting rights and lowering the voting age to abolishing the Electoral College, there are two common themes:

  • The first is that each involves a blatant ploy to entrench leftist political dominance and ensure permanent Democratic majorities while undermining many of the traditional processes and institutions that sustain the democracy.
  • The second is that it does not take scratching the surface very deeply to see the hand of Hungarian-born billionaire investor Soros guiding many of those initiatives.

Even so, some of Soros’s most nefarious operations remain shrouded in the shadows—among them, his efforts to influence local prosecutor races in cities nationwide.

The Post said that Soros-aligned PACs had contributed to “reformist” prosecutor candidates in major cities including Philadelphia, Chicago, Houston.

The impact of just how much weight prosecutorial discretion can have was brought to light recently in the highly controversial decision by Chicago’s Kim Foxx to drop charges against actor Jussie Smollett after his racially-charged hate-crime hoax cost the city millions to investigate.

TOP CHICAGO COP: Smollett Was Dissatisfied w/ 'Empire' Salary; 'Pissed Everybody Off' 1
Jussie Smollett/IMAGE: ABC News via YouTube

Foxx, who had claimed to recuse herself from the case, dismissed Smollett’s 16 felony counts following the intervention of Tina Tchen, the former chief of staff for Michelle Obama.

Likewise, the two Northern Virginia candidates are markedly farther to the Left than the veteran incumbents, said the Post.

Their professed positions include pledges to end prosecutions for marijuana possession, and to compensate for racial disparities in other low-level drug and driving offenses. They also have said they would forgo death penalty prosecutions.

“I have the support of virtually every grassroots activist organization that supports reform in our community in addition to the support of a wide array of individuals who understand the need for change in our local criminal justice system,” Tafti said in a statement to the Post. “I welcome the support of any organization that believes in my campaign.”

In addition to the Soros support, Tafti and Descano also got help from the political efforts of the NFL‘s radical Players Coalition, which has made criminal justice and racial issues some of its major focuses.

Although the football group does not plan to endorse or contribute to any of the candidates in the race, the two challengers benefited from exposure at a Fairfax town hall hosted by Philadelphia Eagles player Chris Long.

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