Friday, December 1, 2023

Social Media Reacts to Iowa Debacle w/ Shock, Rage and Humor

‘Trump should be removed from office for promoting conspiracy theories and lies about the Iowa primary. He’s sick…’

Warning: Contains Profanity

(Ben Sellers, Liberty Headline) President Donald Trump gleefully mocked Democrats over the disastrous meltdown of the Iowa caucuses, the first official vote of the election season, after an app crash resulted in delays, uncertainty, disarray and chaos.

The reaction from the rest of the Twitterverse was no less brutal.

After three years  of claiming Russian stole the 2016 election and insisting that polling places fewer safeguards such as Republican supported voter-identification laws, many on the Left had to reluctantly concede defeat that their own, self-wrought negligence had created the issues.

Some Twitter users championed the fact that a back-up paper record existed to verify the computerized result.

Bernie Sanders supporters, who had anticipated a momentum-building victory, were particularly indignant about being deprived of their conclusive result.

Many sought to lash out at former Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Ind., who declared himself the primary victor, receiving the brunt of the blowback as the hashtag #MayorCheat began to trend.

Of course, Buttigieg wasn’t the only scapegoat. Some leftists reflexively sought to find a way to pin the blame on the president.

Others claimed that the shadowy left-wing group that developed the app, which was aptly named Shadow, may have orchestrated the crash or thrown the race to favor a particular outcome, reported the Huffington Post.

Some continued, without evidence, to blame the Russians for a disinformation campaign.

But for the most part, Twitter users reacted with the same wry, sardonic sense of has come to characterize the bizarre, dadaist disinformation superhighway that is the Internet, adding fuel to the already tumultuous situation.

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