Friday, January 27, 2023
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SJWs Now Claim Liking Big Booties Is Cultural Appropriation

'History has made it so that big butts, in particular, have a racial connotation... '

(Ezekiel Loseke, Headline USA) A new book, Butts: A Backstory, is asking a question you never thought you needed: is it racist to like big butts?

Heather Radke, the author of the book, argued that women’s butts have been “used as a means to create and reinforce racial hierarchies,” according to an interview she did with Esquire.

Radke explained that the human rear end is not inherently racist. Rather, “history has made it so that big butts, in particular, have a racial connotation,” she explained.

The racial connotations of rear-ends is taken totally seriously viewed through the lens of a social justice warrior.

“It’s our job as white people to be aware of our relationship to that history, and to be thoughtful about what we’re wanting when we want to have a big butt.”

That’s right, gents, if you don’t nip that attraction to butts in the bud, you are a racist!

The argument is that big butts are a black thing, and white people having them, wanting them, or being attracted to them is an expression of white supremacy, as explained by Kat Rosenfield.

The cultural view is that “big-butted women are more fertile or more sexually potent than women with smaller butts,” Radke claimed. “This comes from the legacy of an idea about big-butted women, and about black women.”

Meanwhile, if one is not attracted to big butts, but rather little butts, well, you’re a racist too. The stereotypes around women with small butts are “of innocence and purity,” which can also “be harmful for everyone involved,” according to Radke.

Bottom line: if you like big butts you are racist; if you like small butts, well, you are also racist.

Rosenfield warned that “the alarming possibility that one’s butt — or at least, one’s relationship to butts generally — is racist.”

Butts: A Backstory is the fifth book listed on Time Magazine’s 100 must read books of 2022.

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