SELLERS: Remember the Time Joe Biden Helped Kill 1,180 Children?

'With every emerging travesty from Joe Biden's administration, another one gets memory-holed...'

There are limits to the amount of cognitive dissonance that a typical human brain can process at any given time.

Thus, with every emerging travesty from Joe Biden’s administration, another scandal gets memory-holed.

As Americans find themselves coming to grips with some of the most outrageous acts of any US leader in history, Biden’s earlier, slightly-less-horrifying blunders have faded into the status quo—including the deaths of more than a thousand of children during 2009’s H1N1 pandemic.


Modern leftists have become the masters of the moonshot—of constantly pushing the envelope to demand unreasonable concessions, only to make themselves look better for doubling back to a “compromise” position that still moves the dial in their direction.

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In the so-called Build Back Better Act (aka the massive spending spree about to be passed through budget reconciliation) they will seek $3.5 trillion plus blanket amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants.

In reality, they will be perfectly happy accepting a flat $3 trillion plus amnesty. That would allow Sen. Joe Manchin to save face in deep-red West Virginia—whose poverty-stricken population will be no less fazed by the elimination of the coal industry, the influx of new quasi-citizens and the soon-to-be-double-digit inflation.

Likewise, some have noted a trend recently of media, universities and other leftist mouthpieces appearing to relent on the widely unpopular “woke” dogma, opposition to which has quickly become the rallying cry for many grassroots conservative movements.

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But no matter how much a pragmatic political-shapeshifter like Bill Maher may beat the retreat against illiberal overreach, you can bet it will never be back to square one.

They will never concede as much ideological territory as they presumed to squat in the first place.


These exploitative tendencies have been present from the outset with Democrat authoritarians’ coronavirus decrees, in which desperate times invariably call for desperate measures—just never the right ones.

Following then-President Donald Trump’s announcement of a national pandemic emergency on March 13, 2020, the No. 1 priority of many a Democrat operative was pushing new vote-by-mail ‘reforms’ in time for the November election.

It became equally clear during the post-George-Floyd race riots that all the talk about the virus’s disproportionate toll on communities of color was, in fact, a bunch of hooey.

Rather than calling on people to come together in the fight against a mutual obstacle, the coronavirus, leftist leaders actively encouraged ‘oppressed’ minorities and other radical leftists to take to the streets in what were obviously massive super-spreader events.

And their lack of seriousness was exposed, yet again, when former president Barack Obama’s 60th birthday party this year led to a surge of cases among the Martha’s Vineyard glitterati—a detail that few in the mainstream media deigned to examine.

Even now, after Biden last week announced sweeping new vaccine mandates that will violate the post-Nazi Nuremberg Code—and will likely face a litany of challenges over civil liberties, constitutional rights and state sovereignty statutes—White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki curtly admitted to Fox News’s Peter Doocy that the new vaccine rules wouldn’t apply to those flooding across the US border.

Suffice it to say, the draconian demands soon to be imposed on private businesses have nothing to do with stemming the spread of a 98.3% nonlethal virus, for which studies have found natural immunity to be more effective than the vaccines.

About 56% of the coronavirus deaths have been among those ages 75 and older—an age group that comprises only 7% of the US population.

Thus, more than half the at-risk population has probably been retired for at least a decade.

Moreover, 97% of COVID fatalities have been those ages 45 and over—or roughly 42% of the population.

That the Biden administration would subject the remaining 58% of the population to this needless oppression has all the trappings of yet another bait-and-switch operation.


At a certain point, for those younger and healthier, the benefit of contracting COVID and developing the antibodies for it may outweigh the limited risk of suffering severe adverse symptoms.

But the most telling evidence of all for the Left’s callous indifference to finding genuine solutions is that the 486 COVID deaths of people under the age of 18 (as of Sept. 8) are still negligible when compared with the estimated 1,180 children who died of swine flu in 2009.

Biden and his now-chief of staff, Ron Klain, were deeply involved in that pandemic effort, which entailed nothing near the sort of response that today’s pandemic has warranted.

Perhaps the fact that the H1N1 virus waited to arrive until after the Obama administration was in office can help explain the discrepancy in attitudes.

Even while evidence grows that the COVID-19 pandemic was intentionally engineered by those with a strong vested interest in seeing Biden installed in the White House, the onus on allowing it to thrive can still be shifted in the public consciousness to the Trump administration.

With that in mind, Biden’s overreach in pushing experimental COVID vaccines has less to do with the vaccines than the political outcomes to which they are a conduit.


Democrats would just as soon the nation be engulfed in a permanent pandemic state of emergency, provided they can deflect the blame by appearing as though they are still dealing with the residual Trump problem and not their own.

On top of forcing people to ignore and forget the real issues of the day, scapegoating the “pandemic of the unvaccinated” for their own policy failures effectively creates new social problems.

That means leftists can pretend to worry about things like growing racial inequity once jobless rates begin to rise further for minorities (who comprise the largest portion of vaccine-hesitant citizens) because Biden’s vaccine mandates forced them out of work.

And, as an added benefit, requiring federal workers to submit to the jab may offer a sort of purity test that prevents deep-state defectors from waging a Trump-like resistance movement against the current White House occupant. Anyone willing to undergo a gene-altering treatment at Biden’s behest is not going to risk his/her/xir job by leaking sensitive information.

Then again, depending on what the long-term mutagenic effects of the vaccine reveal—from infertility to GPS-tracking nanobots—perhaps the leftist Establishment really is trying to achieve a 100% vaccination rate, knowing it will only lead to more unsolvable crises in the future.

Either way, the point is not to save lives.

Biden’s abject failures in Afghanistan—costing the lives of 13 US service-members and scores of Afghani allies killed by a suicide blast, as well as a humanitarian aid worker and his seven children killed by US drone strike, and the thousands left behind who are likely to be tortured and killed by the Taliban—have shocked many into re-evaluating their blind support for his awful agenda.

But when put into proper perspective, it is far from the first time that he has had the blood of innocents on his hands.

Democrats have dug themselves—and the country—so deep into a pit of atrocities that their only option is to keep digging.

With little choice but to grab a shovel or be buried in the heap, few will think to ask why the hole needed to be dug in the first place.

All we know is that the only way out is to reach China.

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