SELLERS: GOP Must Embrace Leftist Tactics to Prevent PELOSI Presidency

'When was the last time an actor assassinated a president?'

A video montage of Democrats calling for violence surfaced this week after leftist leaders  finally decided to shift tactics.

Instead of celebrating the ongoing race riots, they now blame President Donald Trump for fomenting the turmoil.

It’s textbook Saul Alinsky stuff: push a negative through until it becomes a positive and use the other side’s own values against it.

Such has been the modus operandi of the Left since at least the Clinton era.

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But it has metastasized in the standoff with Trump, whom many still refuse to acknowledge as anything more than the “current occupant” of the White House in order to justify their outlandish removal efforts.

The most recent example is the deflection by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., after she was caught ignoring lock-down mandates with a private hairdressing appointment at a San Francisco salon.

Pelosi’s response—demanding that the salon apologize for ‘setting her up’—seems bizarre through any lens other than the mind of a pathological liar, or that of the deranged mainstream media reflexively circling the wagons for “Madame Speaker.”

Sadly, these cynical and systemic abuses must force any who wish to preserve some shred of American culture and electoral integrity to do the otherwise unthinkable: play by the Left’s own rule book.

Down to the Crossroads

John Kasich
CNN correspondent John Kasich stands at a literal crossroads during the 2020 Democratic National Convention. / IMAGE: C-SPAN via YouTube
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Democrats paid lip service at their convention to wooing morally outraged NeverTrumpers like CNN correspondent John Kasich and a corral of irrelevant Deep State RINOs whom they trotted out from their post-retirement pasture.

But it only underscored how broken the system was before Trump—and how desperate his critics are to refill the swamp, courtesy of a handsy career politician with a four-decade track record of legislative failure who loves to flash his pearly-white dentures.

Joe Biden, however, is not the person to restore ethics, nor to broker genuine bipartisan compromise—and they know it.

In fact, the only thing scarier than a Biden administration led by the progressive puppet-masters he answers to is the thought of a dementia-wracked Biden actually calling the shots himself.

Although DNC party wags spoke of courting their own version of “Reagan Democrats,” they missed (or ignored) the point that Reagan, himself, had been a Democrat before switching parties.

His message was not about forcing the opposition to capitulate to an otherwise unpalatable position, but rather bringing his adversaries in line with a unifying national vision.

No Room for Compromise

Kathy Griffin
Former comedian Kathy Griffin holds a prop intended to look like President Donald Trump’s decapitated head. / IMAGE: Twitter

Had Trump truly posed an “existential” threat that Democrats needed to rescue the nation from, they would have thrown all their energies into pushing a true blue-dog moderate like Tulsi Gabbard. (Instead, Hillary Clinton smeared Gabbard with her tried-and-true Russia conspiracy theories.)

Or they might have run a Mitt Romney, who could lure away some “fly over” states with a platform of moral rectitude and compassionate-conservative leadership, similar to the pitch made by George W. Bush after the Clinton era.

But rather than expand their base with an appeal to conservative values, Democrats doubled down on radicalism, using cheap production makeup to conceal the cracks as nearly-fossilized party figures like the Clintons and Michael Bloomberg led the way backward at the DNC convention.

Republicans, meanwhile, masterfully made their pitch to minorities, with the Trumpian vision of the party’s future borrowing from the best precepts of Reagan—and even reclaiming the spirit of Abraham Lincoln, a president long ago appropriated by the Left.

It was fitting that the GOP spent so much time invoking Lincoln, the first Republican president, while seeking to liberate black voters from the Democrat plantation in a time of bitter and divisive acrimony.

Yet, we are reminded in the video above that celebrities like Johnny Depp and Madonna have, from the moment Trump took office, been invoking Lincoln in a far grimmer and more ignominious way.

“When was the last time an actor assassinated a president,” asked the unhinged Pirates of the Caribbean star in what may have been another one of his fabled drug-benders.

A Corrupt Bargain

The Compromise of 1877
An 1877 editorial cartoon features “Stalwart” Radical Republican leader Roscoe Conkling letting the more moderate Rutherford B. Hayes walk away with the presidency by wooing the South. / IMAGE: Joseph Keppler (public domain)

If history repeats itself, the Left is currently hoping to usher in the post-Lincoln cycle.

Already, House Democrats have brought us an impeachment redux similar to that faced by Lincoln’s successor, Andrew Johnson.

They now aim to turn the November election into something resembling the notorious Compromise of 1877.

Following Ulysses S. Grant’s exit, a deeply split electorate supported Southern Democrat Samuel Tilden, but the election swung by a single vote to Republican Rutherford B. Hayes.

To quell the ensuing crisis, Hayes ended the Southern Reconstruction era by withdrawing the remaining Union troops from the occupied former Confederacy.

This time, the two parties would be reversed: The populist Republican candidate may lose on a technicality, such as a lawsuit involving disputed mail-in ballots. But in return for giving power back to the corrupt establishment, Democrats, too, may extend a false olive branch.

Biden already has hinted that the radical occupying forces who are currently sowing chaos in cities like Portland, Seattle, Chicago, New York and Kenosha might withdraw—but only if he is handed victory.

If we want peace, all we need to do is give up our freedom.

Of course, Democrats also are doing all they can to muddy the waters of a Trump re-election by using a barrage of mail-in votes to make the final outcome as ambiguous as possible.

They have nothing to lose, it seems, from eroding public faith in electoral institutions since formalities such as voting would be moot under their long-range plan for permanent leftist majorities that would realign the current two-party system to “liberal” vs. “progressive.”

Devil’s in the Details

Nancy Pelosi
Nancy Pelosi / IMAGE: Face the Nation via YouTube

In a recent series of hypothetical “war game” scenarios, leftist operatives with the Orwellianly-named Transition Integrity Project tipped their hand about their underlying election strategy.

They admitted that by refusing to certify the vote in key swing states with blue governors they could ride out the Trump term with no clear winner, making Pelosi the president by default on Jan. 20, which would have been Inauguration Day.

Of course, this is but one of the possibilities. The best-case scenario for a Trump victory, on the other hand, would involve another civil war.

With the hope of a peaceful and decisive resolution off the table, Americans who support the status quo of freedom and democracy must acknowledge three things:

  • Democrats will not accept a second Trump term under any circumstances.
  • Democrats will aim to win by any means necessary, including rigging the election.
  • Democrats, if they win, will stack the deck to ensure no Republican majority can ever legally and peacefully regain control of government.

The only way the Right can answer back is by taking the fight into the Left’s own turf, using guerilla tactics—like those it has used to subvert the system—in order to restore it.

Whatever the Left is doing, to undo it requires following the same rules and parameters through which they have gone about bending to their own devises.

Ever politically savvy in this area, Trump recently roiled the media by suggesting his supporters should vote twice: once using a mail-in ballot and once in the polling place.

This underscored months of concerns outlined by the president and his supporters—which the media had, heretofore, diminished by claiming, contrary to considerable evidence, that there was “no evidence” of systemic vote fraud.

Following Trump’s suggestion, miraculously, many on the Left are now rushing to clarify the questions raised over the legality of double-voting, with no mention of their previous ennui.

Republicans also should be investing massive efforts into initiatives like ballot-harvesting, which California and other blue states have used successfully to turn their governments into a monolithic, one-party machine.

If nothing else, the GOP should focus on dispatching vote-collectors to San Francisco, where they may unseat Pelosi and force a succession crisis among Democrats over who will be allowed to steal the White House in January.

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