Saturday, June 3, 2023
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Dems: Best-Case Scenario for Trump Election Victory May Mean Civil War

'The roleplay of the event ended when organizers determined the American people would look to the military to resolve the situation...'

America may soon face the biggest lose–lose choice in its history: civil war or socialism.

The New York Times reported recently that the campaign of presumptive Democrat nominee Joe Biden and other top party allies were running through four different scenarios for the November election as part of a “wargames” exercise.

Alarmingly, its best-case scenario for President Donald Trump and his supporters still would result in three far-left states seceding from the union, likely resulting in a second Civil War.

Big League Stew wrote that the hypothetical scenario imagined as part of the highly partisan, Orwellian-sounding Transition Integrity Project would transpire if Trump secured a resounding Electoral College victory, as he did in 2016, but again lost the official popular vote tally.

Party officials would then look to blue-led battleground states—such as Michigan and Wisconsin—to refuse to cast their electoral votes for Trump and instead send their delegates to the Democrat House of Representatives to recognize Biden.

Should Trump nonetheless prevail in that scenario, though, the hypothetical—which saw former Hillary Clinton stooge John Podesta standing in for Biden—then would have California, Washington and Oregon seceding.

“The roleplay of the event ended when organizers determined the American people would look to the military to resolve the situation,” reported Big League Stew.

Unfortunately, given the ways in which Democrats have stacked the deck, this is likely to be the best-case scenario for Trump.

According to Ballotpedia, as of last week both California and Vermont have established policies that will involve automatic mail-in ballots being sent “to all voters in the  Nov. 3 general election.”

Already, California has proven—as have several other states during recent primaries—how disastrous this will be for vote tallying and integrity.

While it could be assumed that the state’s electoral votes would go to Biden (or whoever the eventual Democrat nominee is) California’s refusal to heed warnings from election-integrity watchdogs will, effectively, invalidate its count in the popular-vote tally.

Evidence has pointed to the fact that even using presumably legitimate means for vote-tallying, much of Hillary Clinton’s alleged 2.8 million popular-vote advantage in 2016 may come from loosely regulated blue regions that permitted systemic vote fraud.

In Los Angeles alone, the county reluctantly agreed in a legal settlement to purge millions of ineligible voters from its rolls last year.

And yet, the problems of duplicate ballots, mishandling, illegal voting and other integrity-destroying factors continue to be widespread.

Moreover, California’s subsequent legalization of ballot-harvesting played a major role in several Republican upsets during the 2018 midterms under particularly dubious circumstances.

In at least one case, also in Los Angeles, activists were charged with attempting to bribe residents of a homeless shelter for their votes.

Although California has faced an exodus of many residents and is projected to see a net loss of congressional seats, the recent influx of illegal immigrants to “sanctuary cities” that refuse to cooperate with federal authorities may also impact the election.

Several of these have begun issuing drivers’ licenses to illegals, making it easier yet to sow chaos and confusion at the polling place.

Because the impact of California and Vermont alone still could not sway the count in the Electoral College, the Democrat state officials in Nevada also joined in to secretly pass its own mail-in ballot scam.

Although the state has tended blue recently, it is still very much in play. Trump tweeted his outrage at the corrupt scheme on Monday and threatened to challenge the laws in court, according to Breitbart.

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