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SELLERS: FBI’s Lab-Leak ‘Admission’ Likely Just the Next Layer in a Web of Lies

Was electing the Swamp's biggest harlot-for-hire, Joe Biden, worth averting a nuclear war if it could cover up the CIA's years of meddling with tactics that would surely lead to Hague charges?

(Ben Sellers, Headline USA) Don’t ever count on the top officials at the CIA and FBI to deliver a straight answer to the American public.

So, when CIA Director William Burns and FBI Director Christopher Wray embarked this week on an apparent charm offensive to win back the hearts and minds of those who sign their paychecks, the first question in everyone’s mind should have been, “What are they angling for?”

With House committees beginning the long and arduous process of uncovering four years’ worth of deep-state lies that Adam Schiff’s House Intel Committee enabled—if not demanded—it may well be a pre-emptive strike to lead with the bad news now, so that it’s ancient history by time the interrogations begin.

Or it may be a halfhearted attempt to reconcile with fed-up lawmakers who have called for serious reforms to their agencies.

Most likely, though, it is another attempt at misdirection that relies on half-truths to avoid more pointed questions—with the most serious of implications surrounding the shadow-war in Ukraine, the stolen 2020 election and the U.S.-backed release of biological weapons like the COVID-19 strain on its own citizens.

At least one popular conspiracy theorist appeared to have the answers—and, in some cases, the receipts.

While Wray, in a Fox News interview that aired Tuesday, sought to confirm the recent Energy Department “admission” that the COVID pandemic originated at the Wuhan Institute for Virology, the investigative journalist who uses the nom de plume Clandestine promptly refuted those claims via Twitter.

The key to recognizing any sort of government conspiracy is, of course, to follow the logic and the motives, then try to fill in the gaps.

In the case of Clandestine’s efforts to link the COVID origin’s shocking cover-up to our elected leaders’ irrational obsession with defending a nonexistent “democracy” in Ukraine, recognizing the role that biolabs play could explain both—and then some.

It would explain, for example, why Schiff’s secretive Star Chamber during the first impeachment attempt on President Donald Trump was more than just a partisan ploy to prevent both sides from being represented fairly.

Perhaps there really were national security interests at stake in the July 2019 phone call between Trump and newly elected former sitcom actor Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Strangely enough, the spread of COVID overlapped neatly with the monthslong impeachment saga that distracted everyone’s attention.

Clandestine’s theory might also explain the FBI’s norm-violating decision to raid Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort, thereby exposing President Joe Biden and a litany of other leaders to potential criminal probes over their own mishandling of classified information.

Those secret files Trump kept might not have been the nuclear codes but the actual transcript of his phone call with Zelenskyy.

And it would explain why Trump had to go at the earliest possible opportunity, and why he was blocked—using illegal intervention from the intelligence community via censorship campaigns and possible voting-machine hacks that his own Justice Department refused to pursue—even at the cost of hitting a self-destruct button on Americans’ faith in U.S. democracy itself.

Was doing so—and, in turn, electing the Swamp’s biggest harlot-for-hire, Joe Biden, as president—worth averting a nuclear war if it could cover up the CIA’s years of meddling with tactics that would surely lead to Hague charges for violating the Geneva Convention protocols (assuming other NATO members weren’t complicit)?

Of course, the conspiracy involving Ukrainian biolabs touches on some of the most outrageous storylines in modern memory—from Victoria Nuland’s 2014 color revolution; to then-President Barack Obama’s collusion with George Soros to shape the new anti-Russian regime in His own image; to Joe Biden’s efforts to extort an anti-corruption prosecutor using a quid-pro-quo ultimatum, and to conceal Hunter Biden’s $500,000 investment in Metabiota.

The bioweapons labs, rightfully considered by Russia to be an encroachment on its national security, even drew in EcoHealth Alliance, the company that was receiving U.S. grant money to conduct gain-of-function experiments in China that Obama had, ostensibly, banned in the U.S.

And, although it may be tenuous, the thread even touches on Jeffrey Epstein, whose pedophile madam, Ghislaine Maxwell, maintained a friendship with Metabiota’s former CEO.

Perhaps Epstein’s little black book of clients was not the real reason he was “suicided.”

Regardless, suspected Epstein hitman Hillary Clinton implicated herself by attempting to use the scandalous activities in Ukraine as a way to benefit her failed 2016 presidential campaign.

With the help of campaign shills like current national security adviser Jake Sullivan, Clinton personally concocted and pushed the Russia-collusion hoax, trying all the while to weaponize the intelligence apparatus against her rival by involving a then-little-known former Soviet satellite, which only one in six Americans could have found on a map.

One of the biggest mysteries of the past seven years has been why the Left can act in such obvious bad faith, continuously double-down on such brazen lies to the American public, and then think they are getting away with something.

Although it is easy, in dealing with such morally and ethically repugnant people, to dismiss their motives as pure, unadulterated hubris—the belief that they do it because they can—it may be more likely that they have painted themselves into a corner and are now neck-deep in the big muddy, with no choice but to try and talk themselves out.

Ben Sellers is the editor of Headline USA. Follow him at twitter.com/realbensellers.

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