SELLERS: A Conspiratorial Mind Considers How Michelle Obama is Biden’s VP Pick

'It's kind of like a wave that keeps building, but this one got so much national attention...'

In April 2019, I floated an evidence-based “conspiracy theory” that Michelle Obama was seeking an entrance into the 2020 race.

With only three months remaining, it remains well within the realm of distinct possibility that Obama could yet find a way onto the ticket.

In hindsight, it seems obvious, but at the time it was derided and dismissed by the same forecasters who would go on to declare presumptive nominee Joe Biden’s campaign DOA prior to his “Super Tuesday” upset.

Of course, the curveball trajectories of the political narrative may be pure happenstance.

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Or, like the 2016 election, some may be the byproduct of media desperation to create a particular storyline that results in a misread of the public’s true sentiment.

But those of us “woke” enough to notice tend to see in everything some nefarious design, whether justified or not.

Occasionally, my cynical speculation proves to be fantastically wrong.

Yet, all too often, the paranoia is validated.

(Race) Bait and Switch?

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A few things were far off-base in my prediction 16 months ago.

For instance, I predicted that the former First Lady would enter into the primary race, but she soon dispelled the notion, telling a child journalist that there was “zero chance” of her running.

By December it seemed like her only avenue toward the top of the ticket would be a brokered convention if neither Biden nor rival Bernie Sanders secured enough delegates.

The latest theories posit that Biden may name her as his running-mate, and that party power-brokers may then move, in a pre-arranged agreement, to have Biden step aside—or else be declared unfit.

True, it seems implausible. All the same, until Nov. 4, Republican strategists would be wise not to take anything for granted.

As Biden’s recent statements seem increasingly to come across as late-state dementia, if not deliberate self-sabotage, the likelihood of a normal, good-faith, wrinkle- and drama-free transfer of power may have even lower odds.

The rest is just a matter of motives and means.

The Wave Finally Breaks

Race riots in Ferguson, Missouri
A fire burns during 2014 riots in Ferguson, Mo. / IMAGE: New York Times via YouTube

I also thought that the racial unrest would ignite in Chicago, perhaps in response to a conviction in the Jussie Smollett race hoax that had just occurred, and which had Obama fingerprints all over it.

Nonetheless, I foresaw the shocking clashes with police, which law enforcement in the Windy City already were warning about long before the current “defund” movement gained widespread traction.

“It’s kind of like a wave that keeps building, but this one got so much national attention,” Martin Preib, a vice president with the Chicago lodge of the the Fraternal Order of Police warned on “Fox and Friends” after the county’s George Soros-backed state’s attorney, Kim Foxx, dismissed the charges.

Politically motivated prosecutorial decisions by Soros prosecutors have since become a snooze-worthy norm after legal travesties in places like St. Louis and Albuquerque.

But the worst may be yet to come.

An Unthinkable False Flag?

George Floyd memorial
A 20-foot mural of George Floyd near the spot where he died in Minneapolis was one of the scenes President Donald Trump depicted in a tribute video censored by Twitter. / IMAGE: CBS Evening News

It is unfathomable to think that a political operation or campaign might stage a racially motivated police killing like the one America witnessed in Minneapolis on Memorial Day, as a crowd clustered around begging former Officer Derek Chauvin to back off.

However, it is undeniable that the radical Left stood to benefit from just such an occurrence and that, indeed, their political fortunes have been riding on the misery inflicted by the dual dei ex machina of coronavirus and race riots.

If they entered into 2020 rooting for American peace and prosperity, counting on pushing impeachment upon impeachment to deliver them another 2018 blue wave* (note: it wasn’t really a wave), then they owe an apology to their many big-money mega-donors.

But let’s not kid ourselves. Time and time again, they have said plainly in moments of accidental candor that their one and only goal is to win.

And so, those predisposed to thinking Clinton campaign volunteer Seth Rich might have been offed for giving emails to Wikileaks and that Vince Foster and Jeffrey Epstein do seem a little too suspicious can’t help but wonder about George Floyd.

Ironically, the best evidence against such thinking may be the previously suppressed police body-cam footage that was released this week.

It shows police following standard procedures while dealing with a suspect who clearly is under the influence of fentanyl and other substances.

It doesn’t fit the narrative of “Big Floyd,” as he was eulogized by the Rev. Al Sharpton, being some angelic martyr pulled from Stephen King’s “The Green Mile,” although it shows the palpable fear that both parties may experience during such exchanges.

But if the situation itself was no false flag involving an Oscar-worthy patsy performance, then the setup for a surprise dismissal or introduction of new evidence to reignite tensions in October could be the sort of scenario that one might expect from the moment that former DNC Deputy Keith Ellison—the mentor and congressional predecessor of Rep. Ilhan Omar—stepped in to lead the prosecution.

Perhaps the interconnected threads lead back to a puppet-master, or perhaps they are simply indicative of progressives’ monolithic hive mindset, determined to defeat Trump through any means necessary by following the Saul Alinsky playbook: continuing to push the negatives into positives and reaping the political gains of any serious crisis.

Either way, the Left’s adversaries would be wise to plan for the most awful, bad-faith scenario imaginable—no matter how ludicrous it may seem—because the reality may prove even more appalling.

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