Kyle Rittenhouse’s Attorney to Sue Biden Over Defamatory ‘White Supremacy’ Claim

'Put in your hearing aid, Joe. You will hear footsteps...'

An attorney representing Kyle Rittenhouse, the Wisconsin teenager facing homicide charges in connection to the fatal shootings of two people during a protest in late August, announced that Rittenhouse will be suing Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden after Biden’s campaign shared an ad labeling Rittenhouse a “white supremacist.”

Lin Wood, Rittenhouse’s civil attorney, said he intends to sue the former vice president if Biden does not retract a 50-second ad that features Rittenhouse:

Wood called the smear “libel” and warned Biden that it would be treated as such:

Wood had previously demanded that Biden make a public retraction, since recent video footage shows Rittenhouse was on scene to act as a medic and to help put out fires.

Another attorney for Rittenhouse, Marina Medvin, said there is “absolutely no evidence, not even a pinch” to support Democrats’ “defamatory accusations.”

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