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Report: Capitol Hill Stormer Linked to Satanic Accelerationist Cults

'Williams also spent time in other accelerationist Telegram channels including Hammer run by the notorious neo-Nazi Chris Polhaus...'

(Ken Silva, Headline USA) A consortium of media outlets released a slew of reports Wednesday on an a network of chat groups that promote Satanism, Nazism and pedophilia.

Much of the information revealed by the media consortium—which included Wired, The Washington Post and Der Spiegel—was already reported by Headline USA weeks ago (see here, here and here).

However, the leftist publication Unicorn Riot did report new information linking the network of online Satanist chatrooms to the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol Hill uprising.

Riley Williams. PHOTO: FBI affidavit
Riley Williams. PHOTO: FBI affidavit

According to Unicorn Riot, one of the demonstrators, Riley June Williams, was affiliated with the Satanic network—which includes groups such as the Order of Nine Angles, 764 and CVLT.

As Headline USA has reported, O9A was founded by a neo-Nazi militant linked to Operation Gladio, a Cold War-era CIA program that sponsored neo-Nazi stay-behind militias in Europe—ostensibly to prepare for a possible Soviet Union invasion, though the militias wound up terrorizing local citizens instead.

More recently, O9A fomented several neo-Nazi terrorist plots, an O9A-linked neo-Nazi participated in the 2017 Charlottesville Unite the Right rally, and one of the network’s leaders, Joshua Caleb Sutter, was revealed to be a longtime FBI informant. Groups such as 764 are offshoots of O9A, according to the Justice Department.

Now, according to Unicorn Riot, O9A may be linked to Jan. 6.

“Riley Williams stole then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s laptop,” Unicorn Riot incorrectly reported—Williams did not steal Pelosi’s laptop, but allegedly encouraged others to do so (Unicorn Riot corrected this error after being notified by this reporter). “Williams was also part of an international, abusive extortion network.”

According to Unicorn Riot, members of pedophile chatrooms asked about Williams when she was arrested.

“Whys riley in jail,” one account reportedly asked, to which another account responded “The boy or the girl? … I think the girl isn’t anymore. She stole nancy pelosis laptop.”

Unicorn Riot reported on other affiliations Williams allegedly had.

“In fact, several of the photos from the FBI Statement of Facts in her case are from a Cvlt-related Discord server where she boasted about stealing the laptop among other things. She also shared two separate videos of herself saying ‘Heil Hitler’ as well as photos of her fansigning BERSERKR across her chest,” Unicorn Riot reported.

“Williams also spent time in other accelerationist Telegram channels including Hammer run by the notorious neo-Nazi Chris Polhaus.”

Court records from Williams’s case do show her affiliation with accelerationist groups. They also show that she deleted a trove of evidence about her participation in such groups once she realized she was wanted by the FBI.

“Stored in the defendant’s iCloud account and Discord accounts, and posted on social media, the Government found images, videos, and messages concerning … her adoption and use of imagery associated with the Groyper Army, Accelerationism, Pepe the Frog, prior violent protests, alt-right views and leaders, and claims about election fraud related to the 2020 Presidential election,” DOJ prosecutors said in a Sept. 22 filing.

“She discussed the ‘stolen’ election and the January 6 deadline on social media with others, including with those she befriended on Discord and only knew online, such as then-16-year old Jonah Thomas,” prosecutors later said in a February 2023 sentencing memorandum.

Corroborating Jade Parker’s Research

Unicorn Riot’s report sheds new light the research of counterterrorism analyst Jade Parker, who has researched the accelerationist O9A group.

Parker has said that accelerationists exploited the Jan. 6 crowd. She discussed this on her July 2021 appearance on the popular national security podcast, The Team House.

On that show, she said she had been trying to warn the U.S. intelligence community for years about the accelerationist threat, but no one listened to her.

After the events of Jan. 6, some researchers began paying attention to accelerationism, she said. However, they were mistaken to declare Capitol Hill protestors to be an accelerationist threat, she said.

The more likely scenario is that the Jan. 6 crowd was exploited by accelerationists to further divide the country, according to Parker.

Along with researching O9A and affiliated groups, Parker has claimed to have identified the suspect who placed pipe bombs outside the RNC and DNC headquarters ahead of the Jan. 6 event. Headline USA reached Parker by email last month, but she declined to comment on the matter and said she wants to maintain her privacy.

Meanwhile, Williams is scheduled to remain in prison until next March. She was reportedly convicted last year six counts: felony civil disorder, resisting and impeding certain officers and four misdemeanor charges. According to NBC News, The jury deadlocked on a count of obstruction of an official proceeding, as well as on the question of whether Williams aided and abetted the theft of Pelosi’s laptop.

Williams did recently file for a six-month reduction in her 36-month sentence. The DOJ is opposing that motion, and a judge has yet to rule on the matter.

Ken Silva is a staff writer at Headline USA. Follow him at twitter.com/jd_cashless.

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