Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Putin Mercenaries Raped, Kidnapped, Tortured Russian Soldiers

'One of the serviceman was beaten up and raped by Wagner mercenaries. He couldn't survive the humiliation, and killed himself...'

(Dmytro “Henry” AleksandrovHeadline USA) A Russian colonel said that Vladimir Putin‘s mercenaries — also known as the Wagner group — raped, kidnapped and tortured Russian soldiers.

Lieutenant Colonel Roman Venevitin, who was captured near the Ukrainian city of Bakhmut, claimed he was tortured by Wagner mercenaries, even though he was invading the country along with them, the Daily Mail reported.

“Wagner mercenaries stole two T-80 tanks, 4 cannons, a KAMAZ truck and armored vehicles. The Wagner mercenaries took them [Russian soldiers] as war trophies [even though we are supposed to be on the same side],” he said.

“There were kidnappings of our servicemen when they were physically abused and humiliated. One of our battalion’s petty officers was kidnapped and tortured. He was kept naked on a cold floor in a basement.”

Venevitin then continued describing how Wagner mercenaries’ torture process.

“They sprayed acid into his eyes, so he temporarily lost vision, he was doused with petrol and [they] tried to burn him,” he said.

“One of the servicemen was beaten up and raped by Wagner mercenaries. He couldn’t survive the humiliation, and killed himself.”

Venevitin also said that kidnapped Russian soldiers were traded back to Putin’s army in return for ammunition, which Wagner mercenaries claim the Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu had failed to provide them.

He then added that the Russian soldiers were used as “slaves to load [dead bodies] and [wounded soldiers],” or forced to sign Wagner contracts.

“This weakened the Russian flanks in the Battle of Bakhmut,” Venevitin said.

Aside from other Russian invaders, he also was kidnapped and tortured by the Wagner group after being accused of opening fire at them as they pulled back from Bakhmut.

“I was tortured inside a basement when I was captured. They tortured me worse than an angry Russian soldier would treat a captive Ukrainian,” he said.

“I was beaten up, deprived of sleep, three times a night I was forced outside where they staged an execution by firing [squad].”

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