Saturday, July 13, 2024

‘Proud RINO’ Kinzinger Endorses Biden

'I lived through Jan. 6. I didn't watch it on TV. I was there. And I have a 2½-year-old kid that I do not want raised in a country where things like that are OK to happen...'

(Headline USA) Former Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois announced this week that “as a proud conservative” he is endorsing President Joe Biden for reelection.

“It’s because of my unwavering support for democracy that today, as a proud conservative, I’m endorsing Joe Biden for reelection,” Kinzinger said in a statement.

In his bio on X, Kinzinger describes himself as a “Proud RINO” and has the American, Ukrainian, and Israeli flag emojis next to his name. He also has the phrase “Slava Ukraini” in his bio, which means “Glory to Ukraine.”

While in office, Kinzinger was one of the 10 House Republicans who voted in favor of impeaching then-President Donald Trump.

Facing a brutal primary loss in 2022, the Jan. 6 committee member—one of only two non-Democrats hand-picked by then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.—opted not to run again.

Republicans at both the state and national level subsequently sought to censure him for his traitorous efforts to undermine GOP interests.

Since accepting a role as a CNN analyst, he has regularly posted on social media attacking conservative policies and policy-makers, suggesting that Kinzinger is, at best, a Democrat plant, albeit not a very convincing one.

He claimed that while he does not “agree with President Biden on everything … I know that he will always protect the very thing that makes America the best country in the world: Our democracy.”

Kinzinger also admitted that he just hates Trump more.

“Donald Trump poses a direct threat to every fundamental American value,” Kinzinger ranted.

“He doesn’t care about our country. He doesn’t care about you. He only cares about himself,” Kinzinger continued. “And he’ll hurt anyone or anything in pursuit of power.”

Naturally, Kinzinger cited the Jan. 6 uprising at the U.S. Capitol to explain why Trump is a supposed threat to democracy.

“I lived through Jan. 6. I didn’t watch it on TV. I was there. And I have a 2½-year-old kid that I do not want raised in a country where things like that are OK to happen,” he said. So, for me, it’s just we’ve got to put decency above, maybe, political differences, and it’s just the right thing to do.”

Republican-led examinations of the committee’s work have revealed that it actively cherry-picked information, coaching witnesses and suppressing those who did not fit the narrative it hoped to push out to the public, which pinned responsibility for the chaotic four-hour melee entirely on Trump and his supporters.

Thousands have since been prosecuted and have their lives destroyed for the simple act of entering the nation’s capitol to have their voices heard. Many were welcomed in by U.S. Capitol Police.

Biden responded to Kinzinger’s endorsement, saying, “This is what putting your country before your party looks like. I’m grateful for your endorsement, Adam.”

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