Thursday, February 29, 2024

Pro-Pedophile Leftists Attack Musk for Protecting Kids

‘Who knew that opposing child grooming and stopping sexual predation was a far-right position?...’

(Dmytro “Henry” Aleksandrov, Headline USA) Leftists on Twitter became enraged at Elon Musk for “amplifying harmful far-right voices,” even though Musk simply promised to take action to better protect children on the platform against sexual predators, according to Summit News.

Musk responded to French President Emmanuel Macron’s tweet, in which he said that the platform is supposed to do a better job at protecting children from pedophiles and said what exactly is needed to be done to achieve that goal.

“To protect our children on the Internet, we need to better verify user age, better detect and stop sexual predators and better identify and address bullying. We need to be more efficient in taking down content,” he added.

Macron asked Musk to join other countries and Big Tech companies in a movement that is supposed to protect children.

Musk responded in the French affirmative.


Journalist Ian Miles Cheong also suggested expanding Twitter’s Child sexual exploitation unit, and Musk agreed.

“If there’s one part of Twitter’s moderation team that could be expanded, it’s the CSE unit. Actions taken must be decisive and have the immediate involvement of federal law enforcement,” he said.

“Some other platforms (particularly Instagram) have been really poor in this regard.”

Leftists responded to the thread. According to one of them, Musk talking to Cheong is “amplifying far-right, harmful voices.”

“Again, why are you amplifying far-right, harmful voices, Elon?” Alastair McAlpine wrote.

“Come on, man. Show at least a modicum of responsibility.”

Cheong responded.

“Who knew that opposing child grooming and stopping sexual predation was a far-right position?”

Of course, this is not the only time leftists have defended child predators.

For a very long time, people on the Left have been weakening sex-offender penalties, implementing new terms of service to defend child grooming, hiring pro-pedophile therapists, telling children to not judge pedophiles for their criminal sexual deviancy, creating pro-pedophile groups and even making child porn.

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