Saturday, September 23, 2023

Portland Hosts Summer Camp for Budding Anarchists

'Put Those Killer Cops in Jail! ... '

(Jacob Bruns, Headline USA) The far-left city of Portland, Oregon, will once more host its annual Antifa summer camp for aspiring political activists and mob members, PJ Media reported.

The radicals have not met to indoctrinate the children since before the pandemic.

The title of the camp this summer is “Budding Roses Summer Camp: a Story of Applied Anarchist Pedagogy,” according to a recently released flier. It will be targeted towards children ranging from 4th to 8th grade.

The camp is sponsored by the Anarchist Pedagogies Network.

The camps, which have been hosted by churches across the city in the past, will be held at a local city park.

The camp will cover essential activist techinques such as finding the best rioting spots in the city via a handy riot map handout.

Children also receive a coloring book featuring Black Lives Matter and Black Panther propaganda.

Lastly, they will be given an “indigenous land” book, which tells them where white people should and should not be allowed in the states of Oregon and Washington.

But no summer camp would be complete without songs and chants, especially about the evils and injustices of law enforcement, capitalism, American politics and white people:

“The Whole Damn System
Is Guilty as Hell
Indict! Convict!
Put Those Killer Cops in Jail!
The Whole Damn System
Is Guilty as Hell!”

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