Wednesday, February 21, 2024

POLL: 55% of Women Say Men Identifying as Communist is Top Dating ‘Red Flag’

'That was, like, a two-minute date...'

(Molly Bruns, Headline USA) A recent survey by Change Research revealed that both men and women believe that belief in communist ideology is a red flag in dating.

The belief that all property be privy to communal ownership was a turn off for 64% of men and 55% of women, according to CNBC.

Having no hobbies, identifying as a “MAGA Republican,” saying there are two genders or believing “all lives matter” were also high-ranking red flags for women who participated in the survey.

The purpose of the survey was to analyze the effects of the ever-widening political gap on dating.

In 2021, 44% of women identified as liberal, as opposed to 25% of men.

“When you look back to the ’90s, there were plenty of moderate Republicans and plenty of liberal Republicans,” said Survey Center on American Life founder Daniel Cox. “The political categories didn’t map onto ideological categories as neatly as they do today. Now, your views on abortion predict your views on same-sex marriage and diversity and the war in Ukraine.”

Some research indicated that couples from opposite ends of the political aisle are less satisfied in their relationships than couples who date within their party.

Daniel Huff, former adviser to the Trump administration and founder of The Right Stuff dating app for conservatives, said he founded the site after a date with a liberal woman who left immediately after he told her about his job in the White House.

“She hadn’t even had a sip of wine,” he says. “That was, like, a two-minute date.”

He explained that he now dates fewer liberals because many of them are so closed off to his career choice.

“Some of it is driven by necessity,” he says. “I might be willing to entertain it but folks on the left will not. Dating is hard enough without adding an additional element which has gotten very important to people.”

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