Police Say Minneapolis is Now ‘Murderopolis’ And They’re Ready to Quit

“We’re getting fed up. All of us. And there’s only a few of us left that really want to work for the city.”

(Headline USA) One year after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, the city has experienced a spike in murders and local police are “fed up.”

In 2020, Minneapolis saw the second highest number of murders in the city’s history with 83 killings. In the same year, over 550 people were injured by gunshots, more than double the previous year. Over 80% of the those shot were black.

Those murders come during a tumultuous year for the city. After Floyd’s death, riots and protests overtook the city followed by a wave of homicides.

Meanwhile, Minneapolis police say they felt hung out to dry.

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“We’re gonna blow Murderopolis off the charts this year,” a Minneapolis police officer told journalist Michael Tracey, who reported that fourteen officers had quit the Minneapolis police force since the conviction of Derek Chauvin.

His report found police are stretched too thin, are even worse violent crime this year, and said the next “big incident” where a police officer goes viral will lead to cops quitting in droves.

“We’re getting fed up. All of us. And there’s only a few of us left that really want to work for the city,” an officer said. “We’re not gonna be here. We’re gonna all leave. So this is gonna get worse before it gets better.”

The city already has more than two-dozen murders so far this year. Since homicides usually spike in the hot summer months, the city could be on pace to break the all-time record this year.

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The only more deadly year than 2020 was 1995, when the city experienced 97 homicides.

“Usually a cop should take about ten calls a day,” a Minneapolis police officer told Tracey. “I’m already at like, thirty. So that’s way overboard. I mean, you’re gonna have burnout. You’re gonna have people quitting. One of us is gonna get killed and nobody cares. And that’s what’s sad. Nobody cares. Not the citizens, not our brass. Not our administration, not our city. They don’t care. They don’t care one bit.”

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