CLAIM: Obama’s Iran $$$ Linked to Hillary Clinton’s Covert Weapons Sales in Benghazi

'Everybody that's involved with this... they're gonna hang for it...'

A purported military-insider-turned-whistleblower revealed that he had given evidence to a US congressman linking the Obama administration’s massive payoff in the Iran nuclear deal to a series of scandalous Middle East cover-ups.

Nick Noe said he and other Benghazi insiders had gathered a cache of evidence that included audio recordings and documents of high-ranking officials to support their allegations.

“Something everybody wants to have is the evidence,” he said in a YouTube interview following his presentation Sunday at American Priority’s annual AmpFest conference.

“Guess what, we have it,” he continued. “We have irrefutable evidence … and in there you’re gonna find out some pretty shocking things.”

Noe, who was stationed at Germany’s Ramstein Air Base on Sept. 11, 2011—the fateful date of the terrorist attack on the US Embassy in Benghazi, Libya—said his role was to collect dispatches from combat units and consolidate them into situational reports.

“I was at work, and I ended up leaving thinking everything’s gonna be OK,” he said in recalling the night of the attack.

“At that point, I saw drones overhead—you could see them circling … I thought they were coordinating,” he said.

But he was shocked to find out the day afterward that nothing had happened.

Although a rescue unit from Djibouti was ready to respond, Noe’s commanding officer indicated that they had been told to stand down.

Upon leaving the military, Noe began to connect with other witnesses and whistleblowers in the effort to get his story out.

After reaching out unsuccessfully, first to a Republican congressman on the Benghazi committee and then to the FBI, Noe said the scope of the corruption and possible cover-up effort finally hit home.

“It turns out there was a lot more going on than we really understood,” he said.

He was able to connect with Charles Woods, the father of slain CIA officer Ty Woods, who was killed by a mortar while trying to protect a CIA facility in Benghazi.

The two also met Allan Harrow Parrot, a CIA whistleblower who had amassed a “treasure trove” of evidentiary documents from his decades stationed in the Middle East.

Among the claims that the men are making:

  • The Iran payoff as part of a controversial nuclear deal was intended as hush money over the shooting down of Seal Team 6, the covert special-forces team that killed Osama bin Laden.
  • The Stinger missile that shot down Seal Team 6 came from a weapon’s sale scheme overseen by then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton from a CIA cache in Qatar.
  • Bin Laden had spent most of his post 9/11/2001 lifetime hiding out in Iran, with three different CIA directors allowing him safe refuge.
  • Prior to bin Laden’s May 2011 death, Iran was prepared to simply hand him over. However, Clinton and then-Vice President Joe Biden proposed the idea to stage a “trophy kill” in Pakistan for election-year optical purposes.

“Everybody that’s involved with this… they’re gonna hang for it,” Noe said.

“It’s pretty plain to see it’s treason, and so I’m going to look forward to seeing justice served for that crime,” he added.

Headline USA did not independently verify any of the allegations.

Noe said in the video that he was giving the documents and audio to several media outlets, and he also confirmed that he had given the materials a current congressman, although he did not identify the person.

Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., was the headliner of the AmpFest where Noe and Woods recently spoke.

Some recent evidence has suggested that there may also be a link between Iran and the Russia hoax concocted by the Clinton campaign in 2016, with support from Obama’s intelligence community, to smear and undermine GOP opponent Donald Trump.

According to recently declassified documents, the Steele dossier—the debunked series of reports commissioned by Clinton and elevated by top CIA and FBI officials to permit spying on the Trump campaign—relied heavily on claims made by Igor Danchenko, an analyst for the far-left Brookings Institution who specialized in Iran–Russia relations and had himself been investigated as a possible agent for the Kremlin.


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