Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Obama-Appointed Judge in Trump J6 Case Worked w/ Hunter Biden at Same Law Firm

'This isn’t a MAGA rally. This is real and evil forces are coming for him... '

(Mark Pellin, Headline USA) The judge tapped to oversee the J6 prosecution being brought by the Biden Justice Department against Donald Trump has deep ties to the Democrat Party and previously worked at the same law firm with Hunter Biden.

The Obama-appointed federal judge also has expressed a strong dislike of Trump and from the bench has brutalized J6 protesters, calling them “insurrectionists” and meting out exceedingly harsh sentences.

DC federal Judge Tanya Chutkan, who purportedly was randomly selected for the J6 case, worked at the Democrat-collaborative law firm Boies Schiller Flexner for 12 years before she was confirmed in 2014 as a federal judge, according to replies Chutkan provided to a Senate “questionnaire for judicial nominees” reviewed by Headline USA.

Chutkan’s tenure at BSF overlapped Hunter Biden’s stint at the same firm, where he was listed as counsel from 2009 to 2014, according to OpenSecrets.

Hunter Biden is currently embroiled in multiple scandals and corruption charges, including a GOP House Oversight investigation that has linked his business with Ukrainian energy company Burisma to his father in a multi-million-dollar corruption and bribery scheme that allegedly unfolded when Joe Biden was vice president in the Obama administration.

That would be the same administration that bestowed the federal judgeship to Chutkan, who is now charged with overseeing the case against Trump, roundly seen as the chief obstacle to Joe Biden’s quest for a second term.

The coupled forces of the Biden DOJ and an Obama/Biden-appointed federal judge might prove too much for Trump to overcome, said conservative talkshow host Jesse Kelly.

“He will not. Stop with this. Trump is going down,” Kelly forecasted in response to a MAGA supporter who had tweeted “He will prevail,” referring to Trump’s chances in the J6 case.

“Enough wish-casting,” Kelly wrote. “This isn’t a MAGA rally. This is real and evil forces are coming for him. Time to grow up.”

While it’s not clear if Chutkan ever worked directly with Hunter Biden during the duo’s shared tenure at Boies Schiller Flexner, their shared time at the law firm spanned the years when Hunter was busy cozying up to foreign oligarchs and despots as part of an alleged alliance that reaped millions for the Biden family.

In a related tweet, Kelly noted that Chutkan was “the judge who forced Trump to turn over records to J6 committee.” Quoting from Chutkan’s ruling: “But Presidents are not kings, and Plaintiff is not President. He retains the right to assert that his records are privileged, but the incumbent President ‘is not constitutionally obliged to honor’ that assertion.”

Aside from Chutkan’s links to Hunter Biden and a heavy-hitting Democrat law firm, the judge overseeing the Trump case has repeatedly handed down harsh sentences to Capitol protesters unfortunate enough to land in her court.

Chutkan “has consistently taken the hardest line against Jan. 6 defendants of any judge serving on Washington’s federal trial court,” according to praise from the Associated Press.

“Chutkan has handed out tougher sentences than the [Justice Department] was seeking in seven cases, matched its requests in four others and sent all 11 riot defendants who have come before her behind bars,” the AP reported.

In four cases where prosecutors balked at seeking jail time, “Chutkan gave terms ranging from 14 days to 45 days.”

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