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NYC Mayor Using Immigration Crisis to Funnel Cash to Real-Estate Moguls

'Of the $850,077 the new mayor raised during his first six months in office … at least $156,000 stemmed from people working in the real estate industry...'

(Ezekiel Loseke, Headline USA) New York City Democrat Mayor Eric Adams is using taxpayer dollars and the crisis of illegal aliens to subsidize his donors in the real estate industry.

Tens of thousands of illegal immigrants have been bused and flown to New York City from Texas and Florida.

These illegals have stayed in a total of 85 hotels across the city, according to Breitbart News.

One such hotel, the Wingate by Wyndham in Queens, has 144 rooms available for illegals. The rooms cost paying customers almost $600 a night. Of course, the tax payers are funding the stay for the illegals.

Housing illegals has been very expensive for the city. The total cost of caring for illegals is over $2.1 billion most of which goes directly to their landlords, according to Breitbart News. Future spending on this project is estimated to be over $4 billion in the next two years.

Coincidentally, real-estate oligarchs own the hotels and are thus being subsidized by the taxpayers. Indeed, the entire program could be described as a wealth transfer from tax-paying Americans to real estate oligarchs.

While this subsidization has enriched the oligarchs it has cost other businesses significant amounts of money, according to the New York Post. Businesses that depend upon tourists and restaurants that have to sit their customers around the hotels housing illegal immigrants have reported rapidly dropping sales.

Owners said they are preparing to lay off workers because their neighborhoods are transforming into “ghost towns.”

If illegals were known to perform menial tasks for hotels, like doing laundry, cleaning rooms, or performing maintenance below the legal minimum wage without taxation, then the oligarchs would benefit even more from the sanctuary status of the city.

These real estate moguls happen to be Adams’s core supporters, according to Politico, which analyzed the mayor’s fundraising using data from the New York City Campaign Finance Board.

“Of the $850,077 the new mayor raised during his first six months in office … at least $156,000 stemmed from people working in the real estate industry,” it reported.

Politico also reported that a large number of the real estate bigwigs gave $100 short of the maximum amount of money allowed to be donated by law.

Politico also found that many of the donors gave more than the law permitted. One real estate mogul, Azar, apparently gave $4,000 to Adams, double the legal amount.

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