Far-Left NY Atty Gen. OKs Rape Settlement Giving $15M to Harvey Weinstein

'The Attorney General’s office has been the worst thing that happened to this case...'

New York Attorney General Letitia James has made a name for herself attacking President Donald Trump.

But for all her moral preening, New York’s top prosecutor has shamelessly double-crossed the “MeToo” victims of disgraced Hollywood film mogul Harvey Weinstein.

Weinstein, a longtime Democrat mega-donor, is in the midst of serving a 23-year prison sentence after having been found guilty of sexual assault and rape.

James recently approved the terms of a long-awaited civil settlement, which the presiding judge called “obnoxious” and “unconscionable.”

“Harvey Weinstein joins those who ask me to approve it, but makes no contribution to the settlement,” wrote Manhattan Federal Judge Alvin Hellerstein in a ruling released Friday. “Indeed, he benefits from it, financially as well as by obtaining a release of claims.”

James, a radical progressive, signed off on the settlement deal after promising Weinstein’s victims that she wouldn’t allow such unfavorable terms.

Among other items, James said she would never let Weinstein financially benefit—but that’s exactly what would have happened if Judge Hellerstein hadn’t rejected the deal.

The proposed $19 million settlement would have established a $15 million defense fund for Weinstein and his lawyers.

The 14 victims named in the suit only would have been able to claim between $7,500 and $750,000, depending on their circumstances, though the larger end of the distribution was unlikely.

Weinstein would not have been required to pay anything himself, as the so-called compensation fund would’ve been procured by his insurance company.

What’s more, after legal fees and other costs, the settlement would have delivered only $10,000 to $20,000 per victim.

“The Attorney General’s office has been the worst thing that happened to this case,” said an attorney for Alexandra Canosa, a producer who claimed Weinstein raped her at least nine times.

“I felt betrayed by the Attorney General’s acceptance of the settlement, which was so unfair for the victims and did not hold Weinstein responsible for his crimes on any level,” added the attorney.


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