Worker’s Rights Group Tells Biden to Disavow Corrupt UAW’s Endorsement

'It seems as though UAW officials are deliberately stalling in a cynical ploy to ‘run out the clock’ on the Trump Justice Department...'

If presidential candidate Joe Biden wants to prove he’s pro-worker, he should repudiate all support—both financial and verbal—that he’s received from the corrupt United Auto Workers union, according to the National Right to Work Foundation. 

The foundation sent a letter to the Biden campaign this week reminding Biden of the recent federal probe that resulted in several federal charges against at least 10 senior UAW officials.

The leaders pleaded guilty to crimes including embezzlement, racketeering, and labor law violations.

Former UAW President Gary Jones, for example, admitted to “scheming with at least six union officials” to spend more than $1 million in union treasury money, most of which came from workers’ dues.

The UAW endorsed Biden’s campaign in April, citing its positive experience with the Obama administration during the 2009 auto bailout and its negative experience with the “anti-worker federal appointees” by the Trump administration.

But the foundation pointed out that the real reason the UAW supports Biden is because the union hopes the Trump administration’s ongoing investigation into its crimes will end with Trump.

“Disturbingly, it seems as though UAW officials are deliberately stalling [the federal investigation] in a cynical ploy to ‘run out the clock’ on the Trump Justice Department, in the hopes that your administration will let them off the hook,” the foundation said in its letter.

That’s why union leaders have donated millions of dollars to Biden’s campaign as well, the foundation explained.

“Ordinary Americans have ample reason to suspect that there is a connection between UAW President Rory Gamble’s enthusiastic endorsement of your presidential bid on April 21 and his nonchalance in the face of U.S. Attorney Schneider’s warnings about a federal takeover of the UAW,” the letter states.

Biden should stand up to the UAW and prove that he is “above the demands of union bosses,” the letter continued.

If he does not, he would send “a clear message to American workers that union boss malfeasance will continue to go unpunished so long as Big Labor has greased the right palms.”


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