Saturday, September 23, 2023

NPR’s ‘Life Kit’ Promotes Lessons for Groomers & Future LGBT, Abortion Activists

'Talking to kids about civics is kind of like talking to kids about sex - avoiding the conversation can have some really negative consequences... '

(Mark Pellin, Headline USA) Taxpayer-funded National Public Radio has abandoned the Declaration of Independence in favor of declaring independence for fledgling child groomers, transgender boosters, abortion peddlers and the next generation of radical activists.

In an ongoing barrage of blatantly leftist propaganda called “Life Kit,” NPR’s self-proclaimed “service journalism” series has rolled out advice and sermons on everything from how to kill unborn babies in a post-Roe world and creating a path to “your first queer relationship,” to the “importance of inclusion in sex education” and “how to find joy in activism.”

The indoctrination exercise for budding radical activists was led by “beautyseeker & lightmaker” Karen Walrond, who informed that activism “can look like big gestures of protest, but it can also look like baking cupcakes for a charity bake sale or reading at an after school program.”

Walrond’s own ideas about what joyful activism looks like include snubbing the national anthem and guiding fellow “lightmakers” to abortion clinics.

Keeping pace with the pro-abortion programming, another “Life Kit” episode offered guidance on “What to consider about contraception and pregnancy after Roe v. Wade.”

The segment gave passing mention to traditional methods of birth control before rolling straight into leftist talking points courtesy of Dr. Raegan McDonald-Mosley, a former Planned Parenthood executive and radical activist who has declared that “abortion rights are human rights.”

The “Life Kit” tutorial included advice on obtaining abortion pills, flying under the guise of “emergency contraception,” and suggested different ways of “terminating a pregnancy.”

For NPR’s audience of sexually-curious youth, the “Life Kit” series provided a guide on how to find “freedom and create your own path in your first queer relationship.”

The episode started by noting that “being queer doesn’t come with a roadmap – but so many of us could really use one, especially when we’re navigating our first relationships.”

And who better than to provide that navigation than an apparent professional groomer “queer mindset coach,” named Nathan Serrato, who, NPR informed, is “also known as your queer ‘fairy godmother.’”

“Get to know different groups within the queer community because they are not all the same,” Serrato instructed.

“Explore facing your dating fears, finding queer community and practicing comfortable communication while staying true to you.”

No truly leftist “Life Kit” would be complete without a lesson on civics, and NPR doesn’t disappoint.

“Talking to kids about civics is kind of like talking to kids about sex – avoiding the conversation can have some really negative consequences,” the episode primer informed.

NPR’s Life Kit “service journalist” Anya Kamenetz explained that presenting facts was the best solution to avoiding any negative or unwanted outcomes.

“The 2020 election, the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, and President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration present a perfect opportunity to help kids build this foundation of facts,” Kamenetz said, blithely and dutifully flagging J6 protesters as insurrectionists.

But NPR’s civic lesson was just getting started.

“Many of the rioters who invaded the U.S. Capitol were known white nationalists. Some carried Confederate flags,” the so-called civic service journalist explained.

“Black Capitol Police have described the racist taunts of their attackers. And all of this follows a concerted effort by the President and many Republicans to disenfranchise voters — particularly Black Americans.”

The civics teacher’s lesson ended by noting that, “In short: Our nation’s painful history of racism is integral to an understanding of this moment.”

To drive home the point, NPR brought in Hasan Kwame Jeffries, a professor at Ohio State University who teaches “hard history.”

“You got to let people know where you stand,” he said. “Provide children evidence. Provide them with stories.”

Not surprisingly, the story Jeffries tells starts and ends with the roundly discredited 1619 Project.

Civics 101, courtesy of NPR and taxpayer funding, like most of the “Life Kit” series is instructive only in its open endorsements of abortion activism, LGBT grooming, critical race theory and myriad other leftist dogmas.

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