Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Nervous Democrats Send Biden and Obama to Pa. for Midterms

'They would never bother to do this if they were confident about their chances... '

(Ezekiel Loseke, Headline USA) Democrats are sending former President Barack Obama and current President Joe Biden to Pennsylvania in a last-minute attempt to pull ahead in close US senate and gubernatorial races.

Axios, relying upon anonymous Democrat operatives, reported that the former president and his former VP are planning to “barnstorm” Pennsylvania.

John Fetterman, D-Pa., is locked in an airtight race with Mehmet Oz, R-Pa., for the US Senate seat. Josh Shapiro, D-Pa., is polling ahead of Doug Mastriano, R-Pa., for the state’s governorship.

Interestingly, Biden has not campaigned as much as either former President Donald Trump or Obama during the midterms, per Axios. By this point in his midterms, Trump had held 26 midterm rallies, and Obama had held 14. However, Biden has not headlined a single rally.

While Biden has not scheduled events in other states, this is not the case with Obama. Obama is scheduled to appear in Michigan, Atlanta and Wisconsin.

Despite close races in Arizona and Nevada, for example, Biden has failed to travel or campaign there much. Indeed, Axios reported that Biden has received “16 or 18” requests to campaign nationwide this week, but is scheduled in only one state, which must be understood as an exception.

The exception is Pennsylvania. Biden has regularly appeared with Fetterman in Pennsylvania. Just so, Vice President Kamala Harris is scheduled to fundraise with Fetterman on Oct. 28.

Biden may be a frequent flier to Pennsylvania partially because of his history with the state. In 2020 Biden ‘won’ the state and is the fabulist poster child for working-class Democrats. The emphasis could also simply be a reflection of the importance of the state in creating a Senate majority.

The Obama/Biden campaign tour may also be indicative of the desperation of Democrats. As the Gateway Pundit argued, “They would never bother to do this if they were confident about their chances.”

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