Friday, March 1, 2024

Mystery over Biden’s Bunny-Suited Wrangler Revealed

'Biden was incoherently mumbling about Afghanistan… so now we know why the Bunny ran over to interrupt ... '

(Molly Bruns, Headline USA) Two mystery people dressed in an Easter Bunny costumes caught the attention of social media at the White House’s annual Easter Egg Roll.

Not once, but twice, one of the festively clad bunnies stepped in and redirected President Biden away from the press mid-sentence.

The videos set social media abuzz, questioning who was in the bunny suit and why they would be directing the president so diligently away from the press.

The identities of the bunnies were eventually revealed—coincidentally, both of them happen to be on Biden’s communications team, Western Journal reported.

The first was unmasked to reveal Meghan Hays, director of message planning.

The second ended up being White House press assistant, Angela Perez.

Two official staff members of Biden’s communications team donned Easter Bunny mascot suits, and seem to have been tasked to keep the president from talking to reporters.

Many were quick to point out the irony:

Joy Pullman, reporter for The Federalist, wrote a piece comparing America’s government to the Stalin-era “Potemkin village.”

“The term ‘Potemkin village’ arose in Russia to describe empty buildings set up as propaganda, to give a false impression of industry and life…. That is precisely what the U.S. federal government has been now for many years.”

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