Monday, June 24, 2024

Race-Baiting Dems, Media Fall Silent after Black Subway ‘Hero’ Kills Crazed Man in NYC

'Why didn’t you hear about this story? ... '

(Mark Pellin, Headline USA) Two men were recently arrested in separate incidents for what multiple witnesses have claimed were attempts to intervene when unhinged lunatics threatened the safety of passengers on a New York City subway.

The case of Daniel Penny, who is white, has made national headlines and sparked turbulent protests with howls of racism. Penny was indicted Wednesday for allegedly placing Jordan Neely, a mentally disturbed black man with a lengthy criminal record, in a fatal chokehold in an effort, Penny and others have said, to protect himself and fellow passengers on a NYC subway.

In a separate incident this week, Jordan Williams allegedly stabbed a black man who was violently threatening passengers on a NYC subway car. Williams, who is black, was arrested Thursday with no national headlines and no outraged protests from woke leftists.

Like Penny, Williams was charged with manslaughter and both potentially face long prison sentences. In both cases, witnesses reportedly confirmed that both men acted in self-defense while also trying to protect others from what they perceived as a potentially deadly threat.

When Penny was originally arrested in May, several Squad Democrats used the opportunity to stoke racial discord, calling Penny’s actions another example of white supremacy and demanding protests, which erupted to shut down the subway system. The arrest of Williams has been met with crickets.

The glaring differences in the two cases prompted a searing response from social media influencer and substack columnist Malcom FleX, who is black and came under fire for defending Penny.

“These NYC district attorneys are out of control,” he tweeted Thursday after Williams was arrested. “I hope all of the ‘Pro-Blacks’ calling me coon for analyzing the Daniel Penny situation back me up here when I say that we need to back up Jordan Williams. Its (sic) not a crime to defend yourself or others. This man is a hero.”

A local NBC New York station reported that police said the black man Williams was accused of stabbing “had been harassing multiple passengers while acting belligerent and erratic toward others on board.”

FleX berated the media and Democrats last month for enflaming racial tensions to advance their own agendas around the Penny case. “AOC and Ayanna Pressley were on a media blitz calling this a modern-day lynching,” he told Fox’s Jesse Watters at the time.

“And the media was all too happy to just disseminate those lines and those narratives,” he said. “They want more instances that they can mark as white vigilantism, which we really know at this point can marginally be called self-defense.”

FleX hammered home the criticism in a Thursday tweet.

“Same thing I said about Penny Applies (sic) here,” he wrote. “Media is out to kill and destroy then hide the evidence. There better be White ‘BLM’ protests for Williams in subways like there were for Neely.”

FleX wasn’t alone in noticing the differences between the two cases, or in supporting Williams, like Penny, as a hero based on existing reports of both cases.

“Why didn’t you hear about this story?” asked the popular End Wokeness on Twitter.

“And why isn’t this plastered everywhere like penny v Neely? I think we all know why,” wrote one commentator, while another responded, “These stories are only publicized if the media can turn people against each other on racial grounds.”

FleX concluded his Thursday thread with another jab at the racial divisiveness pushed by activist politicians.

“Ahem @RashidaTlaib @AyannaPressley @AOC Congressman Bowman,” he wrote. “Waiting for your outrage at this state sponsored lynching.”

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