Minneapolis Residents Sue City Over Lack of Policing

'It seems as if the City Council cannot hear us and doesn’t feel what we feel...'

Minneapolis residents are suing the city over a lack of policing after officials voted to defund the police department earlier this year.

The Minneapolis City Council voted unanimously in June to dismantle the police department in favor of a “Department of Community Safety.”

Though the plan has not moved forward, Mayor Jacob Frey did agree to slash the city’s police department by $14 million. As expected, crime in the city has skyrocketed, prompting several city council members to demand that the police increase their presence.

A group of residents, however, have had enough.

Former council member Don Samuels said the crime has gotten so bad that he and his family can no longer leave their home at night.

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“We have made the emotional appeal,” Samuels said, according to Fox-9.

“We have demonstrated the statistical uptick, and now, this is the legal action we are exercising because it seems as if the City Council cannot hear us and doesn’t feel what we feel.”

The lawsuit accuses the city of violating its charter by allowing the Minneapolis Police Department to fall below its minimum thresholds.

“We simply want to have enough police on the streets to keep Minneapolis safe,” James Dickey, an attorney, said.

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The city council and its attorneys responded to the lawsuit saying it should be since the MPD has a sufficient number of law enforcement officers.

A judge heard arguments on Monday and has 90 days to issue a ruling.

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