Report: Seven Milwaukee Precincts Saw ‘Voter’ Participation of More Than 100%

'The only thing we did on Election Day was tell them how many votes they needed on Election Night...'

During an election year that saw an estimated nationwide participation rate in the range of 70 percent, by some accounts, it wouldn’t be surprising to find large numbers of voter engagement in a key battleground state where the two major candidates campaigned heavily.

Even so, Wisconsin‘s 90% participation rate, along with a suspicious Wednesday morning bump that helped put Democrat Joe Biden over the top, spurred calls for a closer look.

An unofficial audit of votes to voter rolls, conducted by the Milwaukee City Wire, found seven counties with more than 100% participation.

Two of those had participation rates exceeding 200%.

Unsurprisingly, all of them were in the heavily blue area surrounding Milwaukee.

Overall, the city reported a participation rate of 84%, with 90 of the city’s 324 wards reporting more than 90 percent participation.

Wisconsin concluded its official count with Biden boasting a roughly 20,000 vote lead over President Donald Trump.

Much of that came from Milwaukee’s roughly 170,000 absentee votes, which erased a Trump lead of about 110,000 as many went to bed on election night thinking the president would once again claim victory there, as he did in 2016.

But in parts of Milwaukee, Biden outpaced Trump by a factor of more than eight times the amount of vote that Hillary Clinton beat him by in the city.

Overall, about 80 percent of Milwaukee city residents supported the Democrat, according to the NOQ Report.

Milwaukee finally completed its count around 3 a.m. Wednesday morning, with Claire Woodall–Vogg, the executive director for the Milwaukee Election Commission using a police escort to deliver the ballots from their central counting facility to the county courthouse.

Other votes from places like Green Bay and Kenosha also continued to trickle in, giving Biden what media reported to be an insurmountable edge by around 4 a.m.

Some criticized the fact that the state election officials were only able to begin the count on Election Day, leading to unnecessary delays given the number of mail-in votes.

The coincidental fact that current Democrat Gov. Tony Evers had likewise bested incumbent Republican Scott Walker in 2018 under the shroud of secret late-night shenanigans also was not lost on local reporter Mary Spicuzza.

While many news outlets subsequently declared Wisconsin a win for Biden, putting him closer to the 270 needed electoral votes, Trump’s legal team has now called for a recount in the state.

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