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Left-Wing Media LOSING In Its Effort to Dupe Public on Ukraine

‘Almost nothing he’s done has come as a surprise to the American public, which is why we see such little change in his job rating…’

Liberal Media Losing the Effort to Dupe Public on Ukraine 2
Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Nadler and Elijah Cummings / IMAGE: ABC News via Youtube

(Ben Sellers, Liberty Headlines) The Left’s Ukraine lies are starting to lose the narrative battle as more information reveals evidence of former Vice President Joe Biden‘s role in a corrupt quid-pro-quo deal that prompted President Donald Trump to seek the country’s support investigating his aspiring 2020 presidential rival.

Breitbart reported that a plurality of Americans—more than 40 percent, based on recent polling—believe that Biden corruptly coerced Ukrainian officials to fire a prosecutor whose investigation into a major energy company threatened to ensnare his son.

This public sentiment, supported by substantial facts and evidence, runs contrary to repeated mainstream media claims that there is no proof that the Bidens were implicated in the corruption probe.

“The American people know the media lie,” observed Breitbart’s John Nolte. “Knowing that, they seek information elsewhere, and discover truths and information the establishment media are desperate to hide from them.”

The resulting credibility crisis also casts doubts on other fraudulent attempts to spin House Democrats’ flimsy case for impeachment, which is evocative of their previously debunked allegations of Russian collusion.

Pollsters or Fraudsters?

Among the misleading headlines being circulated nonstop, media outlets have claimed a dramatic shift in support for impeachment.

Based on polls that significantly oversampled Democrats, sites like CBS News falsely claimed that the majority of Americans now support charges against the president.

On the other hand, left-leaning pollsters whose numerology fails to cross the 50-percent threshold have continued to hype an increase, however slight, in support for impeachment—again, largely driven by Democrats alone.

A recent poll by Monmouth University found that Trump’s job approval was steady and, in fact, up a percentage point from August following the impeachment charade.

“I’ve been saying this for a long time. Fundamental opinion about Donald Trump has been baked in from the very start of his presidency,” said Patrick Murray, director of the independent Monmouth University Polling Institute.

“Almost nothing he’s done has come as a surprise to the American public, which is why we see such little change in his job rating,” Murray said. “The question is whether those who want Trump out of office are willing to wait until 2020 and that’s where we see a small shift.”

The small shift he was referencing was an uptick to 44 percent supporting impeachment (the number in the buildup to the Mueller Report was, similarly, at 42 percent) versus 52 percent who currently opposed charging Trump.

Liberal Media Losing the Effort to Dupe Public on Ukraine
GRAPHIC: Monmouth University Polling Institute

Monmouth noted that it regularly asked the question before the latest developments and compared it with data from the lead-up to former President Richard Nixon‘s Watergate investigation.

Unlike the steady trend lines in Trump’s case, Nixon saw a sharp rise in impeachment support and an equally strong dip in job approval.

The obvious reason is that Democrats’ constant hyperbolic claims against the current president have helped to inoculate him from their attacks, even when the bulk of the media may have complicitly followed the marching orders of their liberal masters.

Biden Gets ‘Ukrained’

Meanwhile, perhaps the biggest casualty of the Ukraine scandal has been Biden, who looks increasingly guilty as evidence continues to surface showing his true ties to the Burisma energy company that had his son Hunter on its payroll.

The Monmouth poll found that 42 percent of the public believed Biden forced the Ukrainian government to fire the prosecutor investigating Burisma, while 37 percent say he didn’t.

Unfortunately, it is one of several areas in the survey where misinformation is evident, as Biden previously acknowledged in a 2018 panel that he did, in fact, exert the pressure by threatening to withdraw a $1 billion loan guarantee.

Moreover, Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani has maintained in interviews that he has documentation, including sworn affidavits from the fired prosecutor and others, that acknowledge Hunter Biden was connected with the Burisma investigation.

Even more damning is a photo of the two Bidens playing golf with another Burisma board member, Devon Archer, despite Joe Biden’s claim that he never discussed business dealings with his son.

And Fox News’s Jesse Waters pointed out that many other left-wing members of its board seemed clearly to have been added for their political connections and influence rather than their energy and foreign policy expertise.

Hunter Biden—who was facing a dishonorable discharge from the Navy after failing a drug test when Burisma brought him on—drew a monthly paycheck of $50,000 despite having no background in energy policy or Eastern Europe to speak of.

The former veep has responded, while on the campaign trail, by hectoring media to “ask the right questions” and deflecting back to attacks on Trump for having the audacity to look into his potential crimes during the Obama administration.

“I have never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings,” Biden told Fox News in September.

“I know Trump deserves to be investigated,” Biden continued. “He is violating every basic norm of a president. You should be asking him why is he on the phone with a foreign leader, trying to intimidate a foreign leader. You should be looking at Trump.”

Biden Perpetuates Charlottesville Lie on 'Colbert' Show
Joe Biden / IMAGE: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert via Youtube

Likwise, Biden’s fellow Democratic party members, including primary rival Sen. Kamala Harris, have desperately called on those digging into the scandal to leave Biden alone and focus on Trump.

To be sure, Biden has many apologists and sympathizers in the media who have continued to lay cover for him, explaining that his lashing out is justified since he is being “Ukrained,” as a recent Associated Press article claimed, in the same way failed presidential candidates John Kerry and Hillary Clinton were innocent victims unable to live down their respective campaign scandals.

Even so, Biden continues to lose ground in the primaries to Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., who has benefited from a parallel media effort to rehab her negative image and normalize her radical policy positions.

“I think [Biden’s] going to have to talk a lot more about what his son was doing in Ukraine,” New Hampshire Democrat Ellen Bowles told the Associated Press. “I just feel that he’s going to get tainted by that somehow.”

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