Thursday, July 18, 2024

Antifa Shouts Down Elderly Woman Crossing Street w/ Walker as ‘Nazi Scum’

‘Free speech is a cornerstone of our democracy and can never—and will never—be denied…’

(Ben Sellers, Liberty Headlines) Canada’s world-renowned friendliness is under assault—by Antifa.

A group of radical leftist protestors recently blocked the path of two elderly citizens, one using a walker, from attending an event hosted by conservative leader Maxime Bernier, founder of the People’s Party of Canada.

Ironically, the topic of the discussion at the Mohawk University event was about free speech and censorship.

Forming a three-person human wall in the crosswalk and shouting “Nazi scum off our street,” the masked protestors did more to confuse than to intimidate, arousing the curiosity of several spectators while others came and went around them, according to video posted by The Spec.

Still, they continued to target the elderly couple, blocking their ability to pass for approximately a minute until police arrived and quickly disperse them, escorting the couple into the building.

Four arrests were made for breaching the peace—two from each opposing side in the protest, according to the Clarion Project.

The woman’s son, David Turkoski, later posted a video response from her on Twitter.

“Free speech is a cornerstone of our democracy and can never—and will never—be denied,” she said.

Bernier supports tighter immigration and opposes the globalist, politically correct “cult of diversity” being pushed by disgraced Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Despite claiming to advocate for multiculturalism, Trudeau recently was revealed to have worn racially offensive brownface on multiple occasions as an adult prior to following his famous father into politics.

Like Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam, who brazenly defied calls to resign earlier this year, Trudeau has sought to ride out the scandal, insisting that his virtue-signaling words are more important than his past actions.

The rise of aggressive—albeit, often anonymous—left-wing protestors is another way in which Canada has tragically followed in the footsteps of its southern neighbor.

Since the 2016 election of President Donald Trump in the United States, armed Antifa protestors have continued to lash out in places like Berkeley, Calif.; Portland, Ore.; and Charlottesville, Va.—fomenting heightened tensions and often resorting to violent physical attacks on innocent victims.

In at least one instance, Antifa-connected activists in Minnesota staged a fake rally, attempting to lure conservative opponents of Rep. Ilhan Omar by creating a phony Facebook event, and then smashed the windshield of a woman who questioned and documented their actions.

And in another episode, an Antifa mob actually assaulted one of its own members who made the mistake of carrying an American flag to a demonstration.

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