Monday, February 6, 2023
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Lori Lightfoot Slammed for Cultural Appropriation of Scots-Irish

'In fairness, Lori Lightfoot actually does sound like a Leprechaun's name... '

(John RansomHeadline USA) Twitter is giving an exaggerated eye roll to the mayor that everyone loves to hate, Chicago’s very own Lori Lightfoot, after she was seen wearing a kilt to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago.

“These are not my rules, but shouldn’t a large portion of Twitter be attacking Lori Lightfoot for cultural appropriation today?” asked one Twitter user about the comical photo, that makes Lightfoot look if not Irish, at least like a leprechaun.

Another user replied to the tweet that it’s only cultural appropriation if a white persons does it.

“It’s only cultural appropriation when a white person does it. She will be wearing a sombrero on Cinco De Mayo and that will be just fine,” said the Tweet in reference to hurt feelings by some on Cinco de Mayo when white people wear sombreros or ponchos in celebration.

In 2019, former managing editor of WBUR of Boston told white people not to wear sombreros or ponchos on Cinco de Mayo because, “This is how white supremacy works. It always begins with the taking — an entitled grabbing of the cultural symbols of others. A sombrero? A serape? A kimono? Cornrows?”

Or kilts?

For Chicago, it just another reason to boo Lightfoot, who is considered heavy-handed if light-footed, with a reputation as a mean cuss to colleagues and opponents.

Booing politicos is a Chicago tradition during the soused boozing that goes along with the parade and green beer on a St, Patrick’s Day party that has finally returned to the Windy City after a two year hiatus because of COVID.

“After a two-year break, a few familiar traditions returned over the weekend — St. Patrick’s Day parades and the loud-mouth rowdies who boo politicians on parade routes,” said the local Politico playbook.

And now the booing can continue on Twitter.

In defense of the mayor, however, one tweeter had a novel claim.

“In fairness, Lori Lightfoot actually does sound like a Leprechaun’s name,” said the Twitter user.


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