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Leftists Admit Bernie Never TRULY Viable, but Will Continue to Drive Dem. Party to Fringes

‘There is a malaise that has spread across this country … and people can’t take one more day of this…’

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Sen. Bernie Sanders / IMAGE: Screenshot via Yahoo News

(Ben Sellers, Liberty Headlines) Socialist-leaning radicals seemed to acknowledge, following Sen. Bernie Sanders‘s defeat in Michigan and several other primaries, that his candidacy within the Democratic establishment was never a serious one.

Rather, mouthpieces like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio–Cortez and filmmaker Michael Moore have conceded that Sanders’s run to the extreme Left was intended to make pragmatic, establishment liberals like former Vice President Joe Biden, boasting a more fluid set of political convictions, shift leftward and still claim to be the “moderate” alternatives.

Many of Democrats’ left-wing media cohorts have subscribed to the semantic subterfuge, promoting the narrative that Biden’s inevitable ascension wasn’t baked into the primary cake but was a spontaneous, groundswell movement, of sorts, to pivot back to the newly realigned ‘center.’

“There’s no consensus over whether the former vice president‘s recent surge will translate to votes for incumbent Democrats trying to fend off progressive rivals,” opined the Associated Press. “But with last week’s Super Tuesday contests handing liberal challengers a series of defeats sprinkled with glimmers of hope, most remaining insurgents face long odds.”

The Democratic spin machine, nonetheless, sought to tacitly normalize the radical, progressive agendas that the incumbent Democratic candidates were up against.

The AP article, citing no conservative viewpoints, offered a false equivalency between the mainstream and radical-progressive branches of the Left as if Sanders and Biden were, in fact, competing in the general election.

“The voters spoke, and they do want moderates in the Congress,” claimed Rep. Henry Cuellar, D-Texas, an occasional moderate whom the AP labeled a “conservative.”

Meanwhile, despite the long-shot odds for the radicals, many of whom are financially backed by globalist oligarchs like George Soros, the challenge alone is often worth the gamble.

As Cuellar noted, “If I would have lost, that would have created a wave of momentum against all the other Democrats” facing challengers from the extreme left.

Yet Cuellar—one of many House Democrats who spent several months prioritizing the baseless impeachment of the president over any sort of legislative agenda—suggested that his victory on Tuesday was a popular mandate rather than voters in his party simply falling back on the only reasonable default option.

For his role in stemming the progressive tide, “I can tell you, I’ve never been given so many thanks,” he claimed.

The posturing is unlikely to relent, particularly with the recent impeachment and other leftist efforts to undermine President Donald Trump forming the backdrop of the general election.

“An incumbent’s record of service, how they impacted the community, what is the last thing they’ve done for the voter, is always going to be top of mind over ideology,” said Dan Sena, a campaign operative for the Democratic establishment.

Michael Moore Reveals Democrats' Two Secrets to Winning 2020 Race
Michael Moore / IMAGE: Late Night with Seth Meyers via Youtube

Michigan native Moore, who has long harped on the working-class roots of his hometown of Flint, took it upon himself to speak for the blue-collar laborers of the union-heavy state.

“They’re frightened, they’re demoralized,” Moore claimed.

Although Michigan proved to be one of Trump’s surprise victories in the 2016 election, Moore said voters were so dejected that they had settled for a sub-par but safe candidate in Biden, instead of risking Sanders, the one they wanted, who would radically transform everything about American life by turning the democratic, capitalist principles upside-down.

“There is a malaise that has spread across this country and certainly throughout Michigan and people can’t take one more day of this,” Moore claimed, channeling the Jimmy Carter era of the 1970s.

Of course, since the radical Left has succeeded thus far in driving the debate, pushing Democrats to double-down on conservative attacks rather than seek compromise solutions, there is little incentive for them to abandon the effort, regardless of Sanders’s political fortunes.

“It means that we have a lot of work to do for infrastructure,” said Alexandra Rojas, executive director of Justice Democrats, the group that helped to elect Ocasio–Cortez in 2018. “I’m not going to pretend that it’s not going to be hard.”

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