Sunday, April 14, 2024

Leftist Academics Advocating for Disruptive Mob Protest over Roe Leak

'now is a good time to go on strike and shut down entire cities, ports, and warehouses... '

(Tony Sifert, Headline USA) Leftist academics have taken to Twitter in the aftermath of the leak of Justice Samuel Alito‘s opinion overturning Roe v. Wade, to express their rage and profess their support for the mob tactics currently being utilized to intimidate the Supreme Court, according reports from Campus Reform and Daily Wire.

Perhaps the most egregious example came from Georgetown Law professor Josh Chafetz, who imprudently fired off several tweets on May 8 in support of the mobs protesting outside the houses of conservative Supreme Court justices.

“The ‘protest at the Supreme Court, not at the justices’ houses’ line would be more persuasive if the Court hadn’t this week erected fencing to prevent protesters from coming anywhere near it,” Chafetz wrote.

Anticipating counter-arguments — perhaps from those who have read his numerous condemnations of J6 “insurrectionists” — the Yale Law grad went on to suggest that mob violence is legitimate when Leftist causes are at stake.

“And before the ‘oh so you support J6 lmao!’ trolls show up: the difference is *substantive*” Chafetz wrote. “When the mob is right, some (but not all!) more aggressive tactics are justified. When not, not.”

Chafetz has since wisely taken his tweets private and has blocked opponents.

After all, as National Review’s Nate Hochman pointed out, Georgetown Law suspended new hire Ilya Shapiro after he tweeted criticism of President Joe Biden’s refusal to nominate anyone other than a “black woman” to the Justice Breyer’s soon-to-be-vacant Supreme Court.

Surely Georgetown will do the same in this case!

Campus Reform has gathered tweets from academics expressing similar attitudes toward mob violence.

An incoming Duke doctoral candidate claimed that “now is a good time to go on strike and shut down entire cities, ports, and warehouses; harass our lawmakers and protest outside their homes and galas; make summer 2020 look like a fucking picnic.”

Howard professor and progenitor of the “1619 Project,” Nicole Hannah Jones argued — surprise! — that “you can’t understand the court overturning Roe without understanding the role racism has played in the rise of the religious right.”

Jones also suggested that “rulings against civil rights” are next on the Court’s list.

Planned Parenthood founder, Margaret Sanger, a notorious racist and eugenicist, was unavailable for comment.

The outraged academics are at least performing one useful service — providing pro-life parents with a handy guide of schools to cross of their lists.

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