Leaked Zoom Call Allegedly Shows Anti-Trump Bureaucrats Plotting Coup to Shutdown DC

'It's a coup. Don't let anyone tell you it's not...'

A leaked Zoom video posted by the watchdog group Sunrise Exposed purported to show anti-Trump “resistance” agents within the federal government who were plotting to disrupt the bureaucracy if President Donald Trump is re-elected.

That appeared to include leaking material, although it was unclear if the individuals on the call who advocated for and admitted to doing so were referring to illegal leaks of classified information.

“Leak everything you can,” said an individual identified as Komrade Lokh. “The journalists I’ve dealt with have been super ethical in ways to shield me, to be the source of the leaks.”

Colluding with leakers inside the government expressly for the purpose of serving a political agenda would, in fact, likely violate the journalism Code of Ethics, which calls on journalists to act independently and to be accountable/transparent in their reporting as two of its four main tenets.

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Undoubtedly the leaker would raise flags from government-ethics guardians as well, since it requires that he be “shielded” from accountability.

Shockingly, the leftist radicals said one priority was to make sure that the word coup was included in discussions.

Trump has been highly critical of seditious past efforts involving deep-state operatives from the Obama intelligence community, often referring to their efforts as a coup.

“We also are often saying that: ‘Call it a coup. It’s a coup. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s not,” said a person identified as Facilitator – RG.

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Maria J. Stephan used a quote from former President Harry Truman about being thwarted by bureaucrats to celebrate the power that the unelected civil servants-turned-activists could wield in their efforts to promote government dysfunction.

“The bottom line is that we all—as ordinary people, um, and as federal workers—have power,” she said.

“If masses of people engage in noncooperation, no ruler can stay in power,” she continued. “Bureaucracy is a really powerful pillar, and, you know, federal workers have unparalleled familiarity with the bureaucratic process.”

Facilitator Sarah Starrett, who identified as an attorney in the Labor Department, chimed in during a discussion of legal risks.

But rather than discourage the commission of unethical or illegal actions, Starrett said federal workers who consciously objected to an opposing party’s agenda had no other choice than to sabotage it.

Overt on-the-clock demonstrations—even those in support of “nonpartisan” left-wing causes such as Black Lives Matter—could put their generous, taxpayer-funded pensions and benefits in jeopardy.

“I just want to remind people that we lose are status as federal employees if we strike,” Starrett complained.

Stephan said that radical activist groups who have been spearheading the protests might be the best equipped for helping would-be resistance operatives identify ways that they could undermine governmental function and progress within their individual comfort zones, each according to his/her/xir abilities.

She listed four such radical groups who were “preparing people for the possibility that red lines may be crossed, um, that, you know, there—that the election goes sideways.”

One of those groups openly advocating for a “coup,” Choose Democracy, shared a PO box  address with the American Defense & Military PAC, which is affiliated with Rep. Adam Smith, D-Wash., the chairman of the House Armed Services Committee.

Despite openly endorsing a coup, the group’s public materials claim that its efforts are designed to prevent one.

“Choose Democracy has one mission: prepare Americans in how to prevent and, if necessary, stop an undemocratic power grab or coup,” the group says on its website. “Our work involves psychological preparation, lessons from history, and strategic sensibility.”

Sunrise Exposed, the watchdog group that leaked the seditious Zoom conference, said it planned to post other undercover materials from those plotting against the Trump administration.

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