Friday, December 1, 2023

Los Angeles Angels Owner: It Is ‘Very Necessary’ to Reelect Trump

'When people hear about Trump and they say that he’s racist and things like that, he is for immigration but the right way...'

The owner of the Los Angeles Angels said on Monday that it is “very necessary” to reelect President Donald Trump.

“We all know where we’ve been,” Arte Moreno, a Vietnam veteran and a fourth-generation Mexican American, said a recent Latinos for Trump event in Phoenix, according to the Arizona Republic.

“It’s necessary to focus on today and the future, and it’s very necessary to vote for President Trump,” he said.

Moreno said Trump’s economic leadership will help boost small businesses, citing his own experience as a businessman when he bought the Phoenix-based Outdoor Systems advertising in 1984 and sold it for $8.3 billion in stock in 1999.

All Americans should have access to that kind of opportunity, Moreno said.

Moreno has been a vocal Republican advocate for years. In 2017, he donated $5,400 to the Trump campaign. And since 2019, he and his wife have contributed nearly $43,600 to Republican candidates or political action committees.

The Trump campaign has been pouring time and money into Arizona, which is now considered a swing state, in order to win the Latino vote.

Recent polls prove that this strategy is working. Nearly one-third of Latino voters said they support Trump, according to a recent Pew Research Center survey.

Marie Lopez, 34, attended the event in Phoenix and said Trump’s position on immigration is much more attractive to Hispanic Americans than Democrats and the media suggest.

“When people hear about Trump and they say that he’s racist and things like that, he is for immigration but the right way,” she said.

“I am a first generation,” she continued. “My dad went through the immigration process to become a citizen. He always believed it was possible to do it the right way, and I think that’s important.”

Lopez said Joe Biden’s claim of being pro-immigrant was also a bunch of malarkey.

“Under Obama and Biden, they actually deported more Hispanics back to Mexico than Trump did, but things like that aren’t being said.” she explained.

Many Hispanic families are finding that “they’re more Republican than they think they are,” Lopez added.

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