Saturday, September 30, 2023

Kamala Snaps As Heckler Confronts Climate Change Speech

'I'm speaking...'

(Luis CornelioHeadline USA) Vice President Kamala Harris snidely snapped at a protestor who interrupted her climate-focused speech at Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School on Saturday.

The protester, affiliated with the leftist environmental group “Climate Defiance,” accused Harris of not adequately addressing the wildfire crisis in Hawaii, among other issues.

A video shared by Climate Defiance captured the protester shouting, “We are in the midst of a climate emergency. 80 people have died in Hawaii. 80 people have died.”

Harris, through a rictus smile, snapped backed with a curt, “I’m speaking,” as security personnel escorted the individual out of the venue.

Harris’s encounter with the heckler happened just a day prior to President Joe Biden facing criticism for his dismissive comments during a visit to a Delaware beach.

A reporter relayed that, during an interaction on Rehoboth Beach, Biden was questioned about the escalating death toll in Hawaii due to the raging fires. Biden’s response was concise and indifferent, as he simply replied, “No comment,” without providing further details or expressing condolences.

Biden’s terse reaction triggered a wave of criticism on X (formerly known as Twitter), with notable figures chastising the president.

Harris has faced considerable backlash for emphasizing an apocalyptic vision of the future, asserting that children are grappling with so-called “climate anxiety.” She claimed, “[Children] turned me on to a term that I had not heard before. I said, ‘Tell me how you all are thinking about the climate crisis.’ And they shared with me a term – climate anxiety.”

Despite Harris’s existing left-leaning stance on climate alarmism, this failed to satisfy the activist group. Climate Defiance took responsibility for the disruption, declaring, “We significantly disrupted a speech by United States Vice President Kamala Harris.”

The group condemned Harris’s reaction to the recent tragic events in Hawaii, holding her accountable for purported “fossil fuel crimes.”

This incident transpired just two months after NBC News released a poll revealing that  Harris presently holds the highest net-negative approval rating of any vice president in the history of the poll, with an astounding 17-point net-negative rating.

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