Wednesday, December 6, 2023

July 4 Fireworks Canceled Due to Climate Change Activists

'It’s ok. Residents of LA are no longer free, so July 4th is just another Tuesday to them...'

(Dmytro “Henry” AleksandrovHeadline USA) Woke Los Angeles sacrificed the celebration of the Fourth of July this year on the altar of climate change gods by canceling several fireworks on the birthday of the American nation because of new environmental regulations.

As of May 25, the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board started forcing all fireworks vendors to obtain a permit for their public displays and use biodegradable plastics after adopting a countywide order. The Washington Examiner reported that the decision was made to curb ocean pollution that was caused by plastic debris following all fireworks shows.

Even though most shows in the area will obtain their permits, at least five shows will be canceled over the holiday weekend because one firework company — Pyro Spectaculars by Souza — didn’t bow down to the climate change mob by refusing to comply with the new rules over its employees’ safety concerns.

“We cannot and will not risk the safety of our staff and the public to comply with the restrictive regulations,” CEO Jim Souza stated.

“The water board instituted the new regulations quickly and unilaterally, with little input from us, one of the largest and most experienced firework show producers in the nation.”

Pyro Spectaculars spokesperson said that the company’s pyrotechnicians may be harmed during and after the shows because these environmental regulations will force them to perform real-time monitoring of the pyrotechnics displays and conduct cleanup immediately after the shows.

At the May Los Angeles water board meeting where the spokesperson expressed the concerns, local water board officials said the company could use a video monitoring system to address its safety concerns. However, the alternative option did not sway the fireworks vendor.

People on Twitter, however, weren’t very surprised by the news, largely because it happened in California.

“It’s ok. Residents of LA are no longer free, so July 4th is just another Tuesday to them,” one Twitter user wrote, responding to the news.

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