Monday, June 5, 2023
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John Kerry, Jen Psaki Warn of Climate Armageddon, Eat Ice Cream

'It is an existential issue. It is an issue where people today are dying ... '

(Headline USA) Jet-setting climate czar John Kerry claimed this week that climate change is responsible for natural disasters that destroy people’s homes and crops.

In an interview with MSNBC’s Jen Psaki, Kerry was asked how he can convince the public to accept climate change as the “most important issue” facing the country today.

“It is an existential issue,” he replied. “It is an issue where people today are dying.”

At least 15 million people die every year from bad air quality, Kerry claimed, and another 10 million people die from extreme heat. 

Climate change is also responsible for disastrous weather events, he said.

“So, as that happens, as people see their farms, you know, their crops ripped away, or their homes destroyed, you watch the pressure grow,” Kerry said. “I believe we’re in a transformational moment. I think this will be one of, if not the, but it will be one of the top three issues in the ‘24 presidential election. No question in my mind.”

After warning of the coming armageddon, the pair of climate alarmists enjoyed some ice cream.

“These people expect you to take them seriously,” cracked Red Voice Media.

Psaki did not bother asking Kerry why, if climate change is as significant of a threat as he has made it out to be, he still actively contributes to it by flying frequently in a private jet.

Kerry defended his use of a private jet last month, claiming that climate activists who use this mode of transportation – which is responsible for more carbon emissions than any other – make up for it by “working harder” than anyone else to combat climate change.

“They offset – they buy offsets, they offset, and they are working harder than most people I know to be able to try to effect this transition,” he said.

Kerry made a similar claim last year after being confronted for traveling to an environmental conference in a private jet.

“If you offset your carbon, it’s the only choice for somebody like me, who is traveling the world to win this battle,” Kerry claimed.

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