Tuesday, February 7, 2023
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Jim Jordan Dismantles Witness Trying to Accuse Alito of SCOTUS Leak

'When you come in front of Congress and you say things that are not true, you're not allowed to do that... '

(Jacob Bruns, Headline USA) In a recent Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Sen. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, exposed the Democrats’s superstar witness Rev. Robert Schenck as a liar and a fraud for spewing false allegations about Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito.

Schenck was brought to the hearing to testify concerning allegations that Alito leaked court opinions in 2014, despite the Supreme Court in 1996 deeming Schenck “not entirely credible,” the Daily Caller reported.

Democrats claim to be bringing forward “serious allegations” that a former anti-abortion leader knew in advance the outcome of a 2014 Supreme Court case involving health care coverage of contraception and after the 2022 leak of the Dobbs v. Jacksons Women’s Health case.

Schenk, a former “conservative,” has become a progressive legal activist in recent years, and was supposed to headline the Left’s case that the Supreme Court has become politicized in recent years, partially at the behest of Alito.

The Left even called the hearing “Undue Influence: ‘Operation Higher Court’ and Politicking at SCOTUS.”

Jordan questioned Schenck in particular about his 2018 book, wherein he wrote about his time in the Supreme Court arguing Schenck v. Pro-Choice Network of Western New York with his twin brother Paul.

He exposed Schenck for blatantly lying in his book about the now-deceased Supreme Court Justice Rehnquists’ non-use of the word “reverend” in a 1996 incident in order to dramatize the hearing and sell more book copies.

“Reverend was not there, right?” Jordan questioned.

“It wasn’t used. But we’re supposed to believe you today. We’re supposed to take your word over Justice Alito’s word?” he asked. “You’re disparaging Justice Alito’s name.”

Concluding that people who lie in small matters often lie in great matters, Jordan noted that Schenck is going to be in big trouble if it is found out that he lied to Congress.

“When you come in front of Congress and you say things that are not true, you’re not allowed to do that,” Jordan added.

The Left finds itself suddenly very concerned with court leaks after months of ignoring the matter altogether. They have claimed in particular that Supreme Court Justice John Roberts has long known of the allegations, but has failed so far to respond.

“Moreover, it appears that the Court was alerted to these allegations as early as July 2022, when Chief Justice Roberts received a letter from the former leader of this lobbying operation,” Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, D-R.I., and Rep. Hank Johnson, D-Ga., wrote in a recent letter.

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