Saturday, September 23, 2023

Is Army Rushing to Repaint Tanks in Colors Matching Taiwanese Landscape?

'I think what the Army is trying to do — it may be subtle to some — they’re trying to get people’s minds off of the desert environment... '

(Chris Parker, Headline USA) A recent order to quickly repaint tanks from a desert-camo design to a green color more fitting of a lush landscape has surprised soldiers and military personnel, reported Townhall.

It wouldn’t normally be cause for concern since the Biden administration has deprioritized the Middle East. However, the order gives soldiers just 19 days to repaint dozens of vehicles and armaments. The Army hasn’t given a public reason for the order.

Some have postulated that the new camo could be in preparation for a fight in Europe. Tensions have escalated between Ukraine and Russia, with the US promising more intervention.

However, a conflict that hasn’t received nearly as much media attention is also brewing in Asia. Tensions between China and Taiwan mirror those seen between Russia and Ukraine earlier this year. The Chinese government has also expressed agitation over growing US support for the island nation.

While claims between Biden and his administration have been inconsistent, it seems that the president is willing to get involved militarily if China shows aggression towards Taiwan.

When a reporter asked Biden if he was “willing to get involved militarily to defend Taiwan if it comes to that,” he responded, “yes.”

The White House quickly backpedalled by claiming that Biden’s policy has not changed. However, when the reporter followed up with, “You are?” the president responded, “That’s the commitment we made.”

That statement led to a significant response by China. The CCP held military drills around Taiwan in an effort to deter the two countries from “colluding.” It also provoked a Chinese military official to issue a “solemn warning against recent collusion between the United States and Taiwan.”

While the Army has not yet discussed its preparations for new military involvement, it seems likely that we’ll find out soon.

According to Retired Air Force Gen. Gregory “Speedy” Martin, “I think what the Army is trying to do — it may be subtle to some — they’re trying to get people’s minds off of the desert environment and into the more likely environments where we’re going to face a potential adversary.”


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