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JUDICIAL WATCH: Obama Justice Dept. Gave Immunity to Hillary Lawyer Who Vetted Emails

Ex-White House liaison contradicted previous FBI deposition in which she claimed no knowledge of private server during public service…

JUDICIAL WATCH: Obama Justice Dept. Gave Immunity to Hillary Lawyer Who Vetted Emails
Heather Samuelson / IMAGE: Screenshot via State.gov

(Ben Sellers, Liberty Headlines) In its ongoing efforts to shed light on Hillary Clinton‘s campaign corruption and the subsequent cover-up efforts, Judicial Watch revealed new testimony from a top Clinton lawyer who helped destroy crucial evidence, acknowledging that she got an immunity deal.

Heather Samuelson, who became Clinton’s personal attorney after serving a stint as her White House liaison at the State Department, “was primarily responsible for conducting the review of Clinton emails and sorting out ‘personal’ emails from government emails,” said the nonprofit accountability watchdog.

Clinton’s team later used a BleachBit software to wipe clean all of the emails on her server that Samuelson deemed unnecessary to return to the State Department servers.

During a sworn deposition with Judicial Watch, Samuelson acknowledged that she, like several other Clinton associates who helped oversee the cover-up, secured from the Loretta Lynch-headed Justice Department an immunity deal from prosecution around June 2016, according to her estimation.

Fox News previously reported on side-deals with the James Comey-led FBI that both Samuelson and Clinton Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills had been offered, which included having the agency destroy their laptops after reviewing them.

Judicial Watch said Samuelson in her recent testimony also contradicted her previous FBI deposition by saying she was, in fact, aware of Clinton’s use of a private server during the latter’s time as secretary of State.

“I believe I first became aware when either she e-mailed me on personal matters, such as wishing me happy birthday,” Samuelson said, “or when I infrequently would receive e-mails forwarded to me from others at the department that had that e-mail address listed elsewhere in the document.”

Then-President Barack Obama similarly denied knowledge of the private server, only to have it be revealed later that he, himself, had sent official messages to and from her [email protected] address while using a fake name himself.

Samuelson also acknowledged but was unable to account for a gap in the emails from January to March of 2009, Clinton’s first two months as head of the State Department.

She blamed the gap on Platte River Networks, the private, Colorado-based company that had maintained the server.

“My understanding is—well, I’m sorry, I should say my recollection is—when we received the documents, the file from Platte River Networks, there was a period of time that was missing in her e-mails,” Samuelson said. “… They said they did not have that information.”

Judicial Watch conducted the investigation as part of an ongoing Freedom of Information Act lawsuit that originally focused on the cover-up surrounding the Benghazi embassy attacks during Clinton’s State Department tenure.

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