Monday, January 30, 2023
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Idaho GOP Pushes Back as Californians Flood the State

'Things sure have changed since 1960...'

(Joshua Paladino, Headline USA) Idaho’s Republicans released an advertisement on May 2 that warns voters not to let emigrants fleeing California turn the state into a sexually degenerate, drug-addicted and dangerous Third-World country, Big League Politics reported.

The Kootenai County Republican Party created the ad, which begins with narrators saying that “Idaho has the fastest-growing population in the country” alongside on-screen text that says, “Don’t Let Idaho Turn Into California.”

“You know how it is with the human race,” a man says with a laugh, as video of a homeless encampment plays.

“We trash out one part of the planet and then we move on and find another place,” it continues.

From 1990 to 2022, Idaho’s population has nearly doubled from 1 million to 1.9 million.

Idaho led the nation in population growth from 2020 to 2021 with a 2.9% increase or 53,000 new residents. The United States’ population grew at about 0.1%.

The ad points to early signs that Californians are transforming Idaho into a hellhole, including record-breaking drug overdoses, LGBT rallies and Black Lives Matter riots.

“Things sure have changed since 1960,” a man says as videos of riots play.

In a striking example of the ongoing culture war in Idaho, a concerned mother confronted the Coeur d’Alene City Council about its decision to appoint a Satanist to the city’s art commission.

Councilwoman Christie Wood defended the appointee, Abby Light, who shared phallic and vaginal “art” as well as a painting that depicted a child sacrifice to Satan.

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