Thursday, November 30, 2023

Lurid, New Hunter Biden File Suggests Abusive 2-Year Fling w/ Beau’s Widow

'HOW IS IT POSSIBLE THAT THE WHOLE MY WORLD believes im an unfit uncle and cant be trusted alone my children...'

In a rambling, often unhinged text-message thread shortly before Hunter Biden officially ended his two-year relationship with his brother’s widow, the Democratic presidential nominee’s then-48-year-old son appeared to make several intimate confessions about his dark and disturbing personal life.

The message—which Headline USA was not able to independently verify, but which allegedly comes from the same trove of laptop files recently corroborated by Hunter’s ex-business partner Tony Bobulinksi—includes apparent details of his ongoing drug addiction only two months before his father, Joe Biden, declared his presidential candidacy.

Most shockingly, the message appears to confirm that some of those close to Hunter accused him of sexual abuse and refused to let him around underage family members without his father’s immediate supervision.

“HOW IS IT POSSIBLE THAT THE WHOLE MY WORLD believes im an unfit uncle and cant be trusted alone my children” says the message.

It indicates that others in the family’s immediate circle also were abusing hard drugs and endangering children, even with Joe Biden’s direct knowledge of the situation.

“She has told them others I am a bad influence that I endanger their health that I’ve been sexually inappropriate with [redacted] that I have physically abused her that I have e emotionally abused her that I am abusive to everyone around me and that she knows that If [redacted] were allowed to come visit me I would be ‘walking around naked watching porn masturbating and doing drugs in front of her,'” the message says.

“[Redacted] IS NOT EVEN ALLOWED TO VISIT me if [redacted] my 25 yer old brings her she is only allowed alone with me if my father is there,” it continues.

The message suggests that Hunter had other paramours during his relationship with Hallie Biden, the widow of his brother, Beau, who died in May 2015.

Hunter publicly dated Hallie from 2017 to 2019. That, along with his drug abuse, prompted his wife of 20 years, Kathleen, to divorce him in April 2017.

Shortly after his relationship with Hallie ended, Hunter married a new wife, Melissa Cohen, who gave birth to a son last April.

However, Hunter also sired a child recently with former Washington, DC, stripper Lunden Roberts, who gave birth in August 2018.

Considerable evidence in the January 2019 text message indicates that it is Hallie being referred to as the love of his life.

The confessional about their tumultuous relationship can be heart-rendingly tragic at times, such as when Hunter reveals, “She told me that in fact she and beau would laugh about my stupid antics behind my back. That my brother didn’t really think as highly of me as I thought he did. And once (exact words) ‘Well you were always disappointing him.'”

But the empathy that Hunter’s pathos elicits quickly dissipates as he reveals his own predatory conduct toward many vulnerable victims, as well as a callous lack of remorse.

The message outlines a number of scenes in which Hunter’s substance abuse—which his father appeared to have enabled—spiraled desperately out of control, even requiring intervention of the FBI and Secret Service.

“She has told my dad that if he helps me (tuitions) i’ll just use the money for drugs.”

A separate message that became public earlier in the week appeared to be an exchange between Hunter and his father about the accusations that Hallie had made regarding Hunter’s “sexually inappropriate” behavior with underage relatives.

Despite the dire personal torment he was enduring, Hunter remained on the board of the Ukrainian energy company Burisma, drawing an annual consulting fee of $1 million, until three months after the message was apparently sent.

He also remained on the board of the Chinese investment firm BHR Partners for at least another nine months until his reported resignation—while facing public pressure from President Donald Trump—in October 2019. However, as of April 2020 he was still listed as an official board member.

Recent bombshells have also relayed details of a 2017 venture in which Hunter reportedly received millions from the now-bankrupt Chinese energy firm CEFC.

The preliminary “remuneration” discussions for the equity-sharing arrangement included 10 percent for the “big guy,” whom Bobulinski confirmed was Joe Biden himself.

Discussions about the project began in 2016, Biden’s final year as vice president under the Obama administration.

According to the newly released text message, that also overlapped with the time during which his son Hunter was slipping from sobriety into a serious drug relapse.

“She and [redacted] called me Johnny Drama in the months following Beau’s death when I was sober post inpatient and in IOP,” said the message. “The looser brother always following along behind his super star brother picking up the crumbs he left on the floor.”

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