Did Hillary Just Reveal Who’s Holding Strings of Would-Be Biden Admin?

'I think we're going to have to move quickly...'

A new interview by Hillary Clinton may shed light on the identity of a key behind-the-scenes puppet-master in Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden‘s aspiring administration.

The explosive revelation by the New York Post of compromising material involving the Biden family—likely held by foreign actors as well as his GOP rivals—raises serious questions about whether Biden could be a national security risk if elected president.

But salacious eyewitness accounts of his private life—as well as public concerns about his impropriety with married women and young girls and boys—have hinted since well before the emergence of Hunter Biden‘s laptop that some within his own party might have dirt on the former vice president.

Either way, there is no doubt that Biden would be beholden to many of those who helped drag him across the finish line.

While typical special-interest coalitions, such as activist groups, labor unions and Wall Street, still may have a minor role to play in a Biden victory, several major stakeholders have emerged as the likely power-brokers in his possible path to the White House:

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According to Clinton, though, it may be another figure—one who has kept a relatively low profile in the 2020 election season—who is calling all the shots: Barack Obama.

“You know, I’ve told the Obama campaign, I mean, the Obama—I’ve told the Biden campaign and the Biden transition, that they’re going to have to move really fast,” the failed 2016 candidate said during an interview Wednesday with SiriusXM’s Signal Boost, the Washington Examiner reported.

Clinton’s confession appeared to be something of a Freudian slip. But it would not be the first time Democrats had divulged their true feelings via gaffe.

In May, Biden awkwardly told influential African–American podcaster Charlamagne tha God, “You’ve got more questions? Well I tell you what, if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.”

Despite Biden’s advanced age (he will turn 78 on Nov. 20) and his surprise decision to forgo many large-scale campaign events—ostensibly due to coronavirus concerns—Clinton said that his handlers and legislative allies have been planning out an intensive schedule of dramatic post-election policy changes.

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In anticipation of a full-fledged leftist takeover of two—and possibly all three—branches of government (court-packing to neutralize the Supreme Court’s conservative majority sits atop the proposed agenda) House Democrats have readied a raft of new bills for the Senate and the Oval Office to clear.

“Now, thankfully, Nancy Pelosi, bless her heart in every way we can, has teed up a lot of great legislation,” Clinton said.

Clinton previously has gone on record saying Biden should refuse to concede “under any circumstances” and should insist that state officials and media likewise take their time in declaring a winner.

Democrats expect that the reliance on mail-in voting will help them reverse a potential election-night landslide by President Donald Trump if they are allowed to continue accepting and counting absentee ballots after the normal deadlines have passed.

Some blue states have sought up to two additional weeks to accept ballots, regardless of whether they are clearly postmarked by Election Day.

However, if the outcome of the election is determined in Democrats’ favor, before any buyer’s remorse or scandal has a chance to take root, Clinton proposed moving at a rapid pace to implement the new agenda.

“I think we’re going to have to move quickly,” she said. “… We’re gonna have to move quickly on everything—election reform, climate change, COVID relief, expanding healthcare, everything that we care about.”

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