Tuesday, March 28, 2023
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Hunter Biden Sought Job for Wuhan Scientist Studying Herpes

'I may be able to see if Xiaoying can get to them and arrange but this is something we should charge for wouldn’t you think? ... '

(Molly Bruns, Headline USA) A recent report revealed that Hunter Biden has a business relationship with a scientist from a Wuhan lab who specializes in researching sexually transmitted diseases.

Partnering with Eric Schwerin, Biden made millions negotiating international business deals despite their lack of expertise.

According to the Daily Wire, the partners met Hongtu Liu, a scientist at China’s Center for Disease Control.

Liu has authored several studies on STDs, particularly herpes, but involved themselves in American research studying RNA and cancer.

Liu’s research on STDs is likely one of the reasons he was befriended by the younger Biden, whose laptop revealed several payments to and meetings with prostitutes. A text exchange between Hunter’s sister-in-law and girlfriend Hallie Biden and her sister discussing a herpes medication known as Valtrex.

Liu’s wife, Xiaoying G. Zeng, works with Hunter and is one of his main liaisons in the Chinese business world, particularly into the biotech industry.

In 2010, Zeng set up a meeting between Schwerin and influential business man Dr. Tiani Wang, who founded China’s State Guest Entrepreneurs Club and president of the China International Industry and Commerce Co.

Several emails between Zang, Schwerin and Biden show a pattern of sleazy, backhanded business tactics.

“One thing you both have to do when you are in China is see Xiaoying,” Schwerin wrote to Hunter Biden and Devon Archer after his 2010 meeting, another business partner who last year was sentenced to prison for fraud.

“See if Hunter’s group can get me a meeting with the CHINESE CEO at MICROPORT during the upcoming NASS meeting in San Francisco Nov12th-14th,” one US biotech executive wrote to an associate in an email. “It has to be with the top dog.”

Schwerin forwarded the email to Hunter, discussing charges for setting up the meeting: “I may be able to see if Xiaoying can get to them and arrange but this is something we should charge for wouldn’t you think?”

Hunter and Schwerin’s firm, Rosemont Seneca, raised $28 million for a medical testing start up known as Counsyl, after it failed in the Chinese market. After the massive fundraiser, Schwerin used his influence with the company to get Liu on staff.

“If Counsyl is looking for someone there they may also want to consider Xiaoying’s husband,” he wrote. “According to Xiaoying he is starting a business that does online testing for HPV. Could be a great entree for Counsyl in China considering how connected he is working for the Chinese CDC.”

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