Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Host Goes Nuclear on Hamas Sympathizers Live on Air: ‘Don’t Give a F**ck’

'They should apologize for their endorsement of terrorist attacks on innocent Israeli civilians...'

(Luis CornelioHeadline USA) Rising, a political talk show, turned into a fiery debate as co-hosts Robby Soave and Brihanna Joy Gray clashed over the Hamas terrorist attack against Israel. 

The heated exchange reached a boiling point when Gray seemingly downplayed the gut-wrenching acts of Hamas, the extremist organization based out of the Gaza Strip. Specifically, Gray claimed that alleged video evidence of Hamas’s atrocities has been falsified.

“We’re being told that Palestinians are keeping Israeli children in cages and decapitating them by the dozens neither which rumor turned out to be true,” Gray claimed, labeling these allegations as “embellishments” of Hamas’s war crimes.

Gray cited calls from Rep. Max Miller, R-Ohio, to allow Israel to “do whatever” it needs to do to defend itself as being “rooted in a desire to strip Humanity from the people of Palestine.” 

Soave swiftly dismissed Gray’s reference to Miller, who is one of the two Jewish lawmakers in the House of Representatives. 

“Max Miller is an obscure Republican official, and it does not matter what he said,” Soave said during the broadcast.

As tensions escalated, Soave expressed outrage at the recent pro-Hamas rallies across the United States.

“They should apologize! They should apologize for their endorsement of terrorist attacks on innocent Israeli civilians, just as I am outraged by the retaliatory actions that are killing innocent Palestinian children everywhere,” Soave retorted, visibly riled up. 

“I care about both of these things, and I’ve said I care about both of these things over and over again. It is you and the idiotic, leftist, terrorist sympathizing people who do not care about the dead Israelis,” he added. 

In response to Soave’s scathing criticism, Gray appeared to question her co-host’s accusation, stating, “So, I’m a terrorist sympathizer?” 

Soave continued his verbal criticism, insisting, “The left endorses what Hamas did.” He later mentioned groups like Black Lives Matter, the Democratic Socialists of America and a group of Harvard students for their disturbing support of Hamas’s terrorist actions.

Gray then responded by claiming that the letter signed by Harvard students in support of Hamas echoed the concerns of the editorial published by Haaretz, one of the longest running newspaper in Israel.

“I don’t give a fuck, Briahna,” Soave pushed back, adding, “The Israelis did get killed, because a terrorist group targeted them, and they bear responsibility for what they did,” Soave said.”

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