Friday, December 1, 2023

Hollywood Actors, Activists Plot to Embed Climate Change Propaganda in Movies, TV Shows

'It is really important for us to steep our fictional worlds in our reality... '

(Mark Pellin, Headline USA) Having already achieved significant headway pushing a radical LGBT agenda into the media mainstream, leftist heavyweights are teaming up with Hollywood elites and turning their focus to embedding climate alarmist themes and propaganda into movies and TV shows.

Climate communist crony Jane Fonda is joining a swarm of other high-flying hypocrites during this week’s Hollywood Climate Summit in Los Angeles, where a reported “thousands” of actors, directors, producers and activists have converged to plot ways to use their respective mediums to influence public opinion and perceptions of climate change.

“Hollywood is an extremely powerful industry. We are on the precipice of cultural change in many ways,” said summit co-founder Ali Weinstein, who self-identifies as “a queer TV writer, climate storytelling consultant and activist.”

Weinstein proclaimed that “Every single person on earth is being affected by the climate crisis in some way. If we’re not showing that in our day-to-day content, that content is science fiction.”

When not expanding their own carbon footprints by jet-setting around the world, spewing fuel fumes from titanic yachts and building multiple mansions, the green-fluencers hope to take lessons learned at the three-day summit to begin planting climate alarmist themes, messages and overall propaganda into film and television scripts and productions.

One featured session, called “Decolonizing Climate Storytelling: Hip Hop 50 to Land Back,” was slated to “discuss the importance of intersectional narratives in the #climatecrisis.”

Intersectionality has been entrenched as one of the left’s favorite promotional schemes, linking their grievances, from white supremacy and cultural appropriations to climate change, reparations and gender oppression, under an inclusive banner.

Climate change took center stage at this year’s summit in response to an analysis by Good Energy and the Norman Lear Center’s Media Impact Project, which showed only 2.8% of TV and film scripts from 2016 to 2020 “included any climate-related keywords.”

Similarly, “only 0.6% of scripted TV and films mentioned the specific term ‘climate change.’” Activists and actors declared that more must be done to indoctrinate the public with subliminal climate alarmist propaganda.

The message fell flat on social media, with critics ripping the Hollywood elite and limousine leftists for their colossal carbon footprints.

“Paragons of virtue with their climate activism. Yet they are the hugest hypocrites,” tweeted on commentator, while another derided the summit’s false climate narrative, cracking, “so they are going to spew more unsubstantiated propaganda, gotcha.”

A concentrated effort to redouble that propaganda through films and TV shows is a perfect way to reach a captive audience that has gone untapped, summit co-founder Heather Fipps said.

“We see this as a huge problem because, for the most part, people on average spend more time with television and film characters than they do with their own families,” Fipps explained. “It is really important for us to steep our fictional worlds in our reality.”

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