Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Haley Summons Police to Oust Pro-Trump Activist from Rally: ‘Straight Out of Biden Playbook’

'How does Nikki Haley plan on dealing with Putin and Xi if she can’t even handle Laura Loomer?...'

(Luis CornelioHeadline USA) The Nikki Haley presidential campaign called law enforcement to remove pro-Trump activist and journalist Laura Loomer from an Iowa rally, video footage showed. 

Loomer, known for vocally protesting at former President Donald Trump’s opponents’ rallies, shared the video on Twitter, accusing Haley of avoiding confrontation.

“I was literally just standing and her staff let me inside the event after they sent me confirmation of my tickets,” Loomer said on Saturday. “How does Nikki Haley plan on dealing with Putin and Xi if she can’t even handle Laura Loomer?”

The video shows at least two Indianola police officers asking Loomer and her videographer to exit the campaign event. “Sir, I’m asking you to leave,” Sgt. Devin Thomas told Loomer’s cameraman, to which Loomer replied, “Why are you asking me to leave?”

Thomas clarified that the premise was “private property” and that the campaign wanted her to leave. “It’s a presidential debate… What’s the issue?” Loomer asked. “Please gather your things and move, please,” Thomas pleaded. 

“I don’t understand. What’s the issue? You work for Nikki’s campaign… Why?” Loomer said, pointing the camera at an unknown individual, presumably a campaign staffer.

“What’s the point of having town halls if you’re going to kick people out… She wants to be the first female president and then she’s kicking a woman out of an event,” Loomer continued before storming out from the campaign event.  

“Have a nice day!” a man can be heard saying. 

Some of Haley’s staunchest critics slammed her campaign for booting Loomer from the event.

“If Nikki Haley can’t talk to people who challenge her here in the United States, she has no business representing our country abroad – period,” reacted Vivek Ramaswamy, who is also seeking the Republican nomination for president.  

Pro-Trump supporter Alex Bruesetiz chimed in, saying that Haley “is trying to have an American journalist arrested.” He added, “Straight out of the Biden playbook.” 

Notably, this would not mark the first time Loomer has been forced out from presidential rallies or political events.

In February 2023, Loomer, along with a group of presumably pro-Trump supporters, was booted out of a parking lot where presidential candidate Ron DeSantis was holding an event. Loomer and the men held “Trump Save America 2024” signs before being approached by a police officer.

“So, DeSantis’ people, told you that we have to leave?” Loomer asked a law enforcement official in Florida, to which he replied affirmatively, “Yes.”

An undeterred Loomer protested another DeSantis campaign event in October 2023. Viral footage depicts Loomer holding a megaphone and shouting through a door where the DeSantis campaign held a prayer.

“You are never going to be president of the United States of America. You are never going to beat President Donald Trump,” she screamed in the video.

In contrast, Trump has given several shoutouts to Loomer while at campaign rallies.

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