GOP Rep. Bishop: Freedom Caucus Wants a Red Wave Win over Status Quo, as Showdown w/ McCarthy Looms

'All leadership decisions, I think, ought to be made based on who is prepared to be a change-agent in Washington, and who is inclined to continue to do business as usual... '

(Mark Pellin, Headline USA) Members of the influential House Freedom Caucus are eyeing a possible showdown with Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., after the House minority leader’s suggestion that in the wake of a red wave midterm, he would sideline a Republican majority from seeking impeachments for members of the Biden administration, including President Joe Biden.

McCarthy’s benevolent pronouncement struck a raw nerve with pro-liberty Republicans who have been fighting from a minority position against the multiple abuses of the president and his regime, and view a potential midterm swing as a call from voters for a radical shift in agendas that would include holding Biden and his accomplices accountable for the damage they’ve done.

“Republicans ran to fix Washington,” read a memo from the House Freedom Caucus obtained by Just the News. “We cannot continue to govern in the same way that broke it.”

In that vein, the draft guide for new lawmakers urged them to hold steady with their convictions for change when party leadership is chosen after the Nov. 8 midterm election.

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“Some will urge you to be a ‘team player’ by falling in line with leadership and doing what you’re told,” the memo warned of senior swamp dwellers.

“You’ll be warned not to rock the boat by raising questions or concerns with leadership’s agenda,” it added. “Before you make any decisions, however, you should be aware of the realities here in Washington and the opportunities we have to change them.”

If the Freedom Caucus memo wasn’t an outright public declaration calling for a change in top House leadership, it came exceedingly close.

“There’s a tremendous amount of polish in the work product that the House Freedom Caucus is sending out to incoming members,” ranking caucus member Rep. Dan Bishop, R-N.C., told Headline USA.

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“We work at it very hard, to put into the conversation the really critical point that Congress is fundamentally broken. Almost every American would agree with that.”

In that light, Bishop said Freedom Caucus members “think there needs to be some changes in the way Congress itself works in order to bring the influence of the American people to bear on the decisions that are made.”

“Let’s face it,” Bishop said. “Leadership in Congress for years has not heard the voice of the American people, not been prepared to act, has done business as usual, when everybody understands that things have to change.”

Part of the purpose of the caucus memo was to spark conversation about the best way to push for that change, Bishop said, and to make sure new lawmakers understand they have a chance to make their voices, and the voices of their constituents, heard.

“We think it’s an important conversation to have,” he said. “It’s not directed at Kevin McCarthy or anybody else.

“All leadership decisions, I think, ought to be made based on who is prepared to be a change-agent in Washington, and who is inclined to continue to do business as usual,” Bishop said.

McCarthy was sounding like anything but a “change-agent” with his claim that there weren’t appropriate grounds to seek impeachment for Biden or any of chiefs, and his opinion that Americans don’t want to see “impeachment used for political purposes at all,” and “the country wants to heal.”

Bishop said he “wholly agreed” that impeachment shouldn’t be pursued for political purposes.

“But I was displeased with McCarthy going out to suggest that any impeachment effort would, in its nature, be political and therefore should be shunned,” Bishop said.

“Given the Biden administration’s record, I wouldn’t take it off the table for anybody,” he said.

“I certainly believe that there should be an impeachment inquiry without delay for [Homeland Security] Secretary Mayorkas, and I think the discussion needs to be had for Merrick Garland and the president.”

While McCarthy said “I don’t see it before me right now,” when asked if there were grounds to impeach Biden, the Freedom Caucus memo reminds new lawmakers to be open to all perspectives before making leadership decisions.

“The president has engaged in amazingly unconstitutional acts against the American people, abusing his powers in multiple respects,” Bishop said, referencing everything from despotic vaccine mandates and student loan forgiveness to immigration law and border enforcement.

Those issues and others can’t be properly addressed without a change from the status quo, the Freedom Caucus memo advised, and without that change, “The result is that the People’s House serves almost everyone in Washington except the American people. It does not have to — and it should not — be this way.”

If the GOP regains control of the House after the midterms, but the status quo leadership remains in place, the prospect dims for significant change and deliberative action to hold the Biden regime accountable and to stop its radical agenda from moving forward, Bishop said.

“I hope that’s not the case,” he said, adding that with the status quo in place, “I don’t know the source that would really prompt fundamental change.

“It may occur,” Bishop said, “but it won’t be — the House Freedom Caucus won’t have the leverage to demand it.”

Headline USA’s Ben Sellers contributed to this report

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