Saturday, December 9, 2023

GOP Rep. Bishop Destroys J6 Sicknick Lie Dems Used to Pass Election Reform Act

'I said a police officer was bludgeoned to death... '

(Mark Pellin, Headline USA) House Democrats deployed their fabulist narratives about the insurrectionist horrors of Jan. 6 and used them as a fulcrum and dubious justification to peddle their partisan Presidential Election Reform Act.

The bill, which on Wednesday passed along party lines except for nine Republican votes, requires that at least one-third of both the House of Representatives and the Senate sign onto an objection to a state’s electoral slate. The bill also limits the ability of members to object to a state’s electoral slate.

“This bill is a very important and crucial bill to ensure that what happened on Jan. 6 never happens again,” crowed Rep. Liz Cheney, RINO-Wyo., and she wasn’t alone among Democrats who have peddled bogus J6 fairytales to justify the legislation.

Rep. Mondaire Jones, D-N.Y., recalled the barbarity of Jan. 6, claiming that members of the bloodthirsty mob bludgeoned to death a Capitol Police officer.

The blatant disinformation drew and withering response from Rep. Dan Bishop, R-N.C., who expressed equal parts dismay and confusion at the sheer audacity of the lie.

“Did you say a police officer was bludgeoned to death by the crowds at the Jan. 6 riots?” Bishop asked.

“I said a police officer was bludgeoned to death. I did not say at the hands of whom,” Jones dodged, prompting Bishop to request some clarification about what police officer Jones was invoking.

Jone couldn’t remember the officer’s name, but that didn’t prevent him from continuing the false narrative. 

“Are you denying that at least one Capitol police officer was murdered in the midst of what happened on Jan. 6?” Jones intoned smugly.

“I think I am denying…,” Bishop started and proceeded to explain that reports that Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick had been struck with a fire extinguisher during the riot had been debunked as false.

Bishop also noted that the Capitol Police had issued a report agreeing with the medical examiner that Sicknick had died of natural causes that had nothing to do with the events of Jan. 6.

“Are we talking about the same person, Sicknick, or are we talking about somebody else?” Bishop asked.

After blustering about the generalities of cause and effect, Jones tried again to push the false narrative, sticking with the Democrat playbook of moving the goal posts to fit their agenda’s messaging, regardless of how grossly it misrepresents reality.

“I would hope that you would at least concede, at a minimum, that Mr. Sicknick died as a result of what happened on Jan. 6,” Jones bleated.

“I don’t think that’s correct, either. Was he bludgeoned to death?” Bishop asked.

“I’m as sincere as I can be,” Bishop said, noting that everything Jones claimed had been thoroughly and repeatedly debunked.

“Do you guys contend that he was bludgeoned to death?”

Jones disingenuous response included the even more outlandish Democrat fantasy that not just Sicknick, but many police officers died at the hands of J6 barbarians.

“I contend that 138 Capitol and D.C. police officers were injured and that multiple Capitol police officers died as a direct result of what happened on Jan. 6,” Jones declared without a shred of evidence.

None of which prevented Democrats and a handful of Republicans, who are either retiring or had been primaried by a MAGA challenger, from embedding the false fears of J6 into their election reform act.

“On January 6, 2021, a mob professing support for then-President Trump violently attacked the United States Capitol,” the bill warns ominously, an act of aggression that constituted the single most deadly attack on the Capitol by domestic forces in the history of the United States.”

Democrats have spent countless hours and hundreds of millions of dollars trying to convince the public that deadly total included multiple police officers, and have now used the same lie to help pass a piece of partisan legislation.

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